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I Guess We’re Going to Get to Hear Demi Moore’s 911 Tape

photo of demi moore pictures huffing nitrous oxide whipits pics
From TMZ:

The Demi Moore 911 tape will not be very revealing, because we’ve learned there’s gonna be a lot of redacted information … including the drugs she was using just before the emergency.

Law enforcement sources tell us … The L.A. City Attorney is recommending that all references to drugs in the 911 conversation between the dispatcher and one of Demi’s friends should be erased before being released to the public. The recommendation is based on patient privacy.

TMZ broke the story … paramedics on scene were told Demi had been doing whip-its … inhaling nitrous oxide immediately before she fell into semi-consciousness and had seizure-like symptoms.

OK, cool. Right? I don’t know what’s quite cooler: that Demi Moore was doing whip-its (even in my younger and stupider days, I didn’t f-ck with that dangerous stuff, but hey – that’s just me), or the fact that the 911 tape is going to be released.

If you’re confused about what I actually mean by “cool,” neither of those two things are cool. No, the fact that someone would release a 911 tape from an emergency definitely is as messed up as Demi’s immature, way-to-set-the-example-MOM ways of huffing substances that ought not to be huffed. I mean, honestly. A released 911 tape? What the hell for? I know we run a celebrity gossip site, and you’d think that something like that would be right at home here, or on other similar sites, but I really (honestly) don’t see a market for it. I don’t know. I feel it’s like running death photos or something. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I’m not. I guess it depends on whether or not you agree.

Also, I know that it’s a perfectly legal thing to do, air 911 audio tapes. But it doesn’t make it right. As TMZ stated, and according to the LA Times, all of the medical condition information will be redacted, thus filling the tape with a bunch of blank-outs:

“Generally speaking, it’s our recommendation to withhold release of any medical condition or ingested substance related to an incident,” said Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, which has reviewed the 911 and and made recommendations to city agencies on which sections to cut.

Mateljan said federal privacy laws strictly regulate what medical information public agencies and hospitals can release about patients. That includes health information and any medications the patient might have taken.

But still. The point remains, why bother? I realize there’s a fine line between what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to airing out all of the soiled, dirty-assed laundry of celebrities, but for me, 911 tapes are just cutting it way low. I’m just saying. I know we don’t get a whole lot of “serious” going on over here, and your regularly-scheduled snark is just another hour away, but damn.


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    • its little containers nitrous oxide, you shove a device in it, and suck the air out,its what they put in whip cream cans. i did that when i was like 16 with no ill effects.

  • Well, after the Mel Gibson rants, that “slippery slope” got an extra coat of WD40. We all know she was doing drugs and I for one don’t care what they were. I know they fall into the class of drugs that, if abused, will kill your stupid ass. In other words, it’s a given they were bad drugs….I say bring on them tapes! After seeing a photo of Britney wobbling down the street with her period all over her pants I knew then that we had gone to Hell. It’s a little late to grow a conscience now.

  • I believe everyone, whether they chose to be a celebrity or not, should have the right to privacy regarding their medical records including recordings made by paramedics. I suppose they might have to release portions considered to be law enforcement or public service records. But if celebrities’ medical records are considered public property, it may have a detrimental effect on their health by discouraging them from seeking care. I don’t care who you are, how famous, how much money you have made from the public- the world does not own ALL of you.

  • i don’t get it. aren’t 911 calls released constantly? you hear them on the news all the time. just because this is demi moore, they shouldn’t do it?

    • No, I don’t think it should be done to anyone, period. It’s just weird and, I don’t know, morbid.

  • i’m not saying it isn’t weird, or that it needs to be done. i’m just saying that it’s weird that everyone’s so concerned about demi’s privacy but no one cares about the average joe who’s 911 tapes can play all over the place. that’s all. i just get annoyed with the special favors celebs get sometimes.