Travis Barker Had Some Leaked Nudes, You Know

photo of travis barker pictures photos pics
Well who knew that Timmy Tattoos here was so well-hung? I, for one, sure didn’t. His exes definitely did, and that makes me wonder why they axed the relationship to begin with – unless it was because, yes, although Travis here is hung like a DONKEY, his shave job is positively pre-pubescent. Of course, I’m strictly talking preference here, and while I don’t like to search extensively through the nest in order to find the bird and the eggs, I’m also definitely not a fan of the thing looking so cold and bare and … I don’t know, generally lonely all of the time. All of that hair is supposed to give a brother some insulation, right? Is that how it’s designed to work?

But hey. I suppose it’s small potatoes to worry about Travis’s cue-ball(s) look – it’s not like I have to sleep with him, or even near him. I have no doubts that there are some women out there (and men, of course) in our audience who actually prefer the whole bare look over the mess-of-wires look, and if that’s the case, kudos to them for having preference one way or the other. One thing is certain, most bare men definitely appear to be a lot bigger when you don’t have to seek the entire tree through the forest.

The photo(s – yes, there a few of them) are after the cut, and I warn you – they are extremely NSFW, and no amount of “OMG quick, scroll up/down/left/right” will save you from the damning realization that your boss knows you’re looking at a very naked, very tattooed man who happens to be very, very hung. ON THE CLOCK. Move over, Chris Brown – your match has arrived.


  1. Laura says:

    “The photo(s – yes, there a few of them) are after the cut…”

    LOOL… nice one. :D

  2. Saorise Martin says:

    I want my lips on that

  3. Carly says:

    That’s a nice looking dick! I don’t think I’ve EVER said that before.

  4. DD says:

    *blank stare*

  5. withthewind says:

    these responses are brilliant! I’m on the floor cracking up over here

  6. Kris Synz says:

    That’s not that big of a dick. Hell only one you can see the whole thing. And one that one he looks about 7″. Hell I’m rocking over 9″.

  7. crab says:

    “I don’t like to search extensively through the nest in order to find the bird and the eggs,”

    Sarah, best quote EVER!!!!

  8. Twisted Lady says:

    I am always so distracted by the way his head look detached due to the neck tattoos but his other head looks perfectly fine to me.

  9. Twisted Lady says:

    *looks* jeesh… nice dick, btw.

  10. gayhomofag says:

    mmmmmm big dick!

  11. JZ says:

    And so nicely trimmed. Love the smooth balls. drool.

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