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Jessica Simpson Doesn’t Want to Grunt Her Baby Out

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Isn’t that something else? I’ve always kind of scratched my head over those who’d prefer to schedule a C-section rather than give birth vaginally, but I suppose it’s more of a preference thing than anything. See, me, personally, I’d rather go through the work of pushing and shoving and possibly soiling myself on a sterile delivery room table among stranger hospital staff (and whatever OB my group designates to be available that day and medical students) than have someone knock me out to cut through a cornucopia of layers of muscle and skin and organ parts with a super-sharp scalpel, and not because I’m “afraid” of the scarring. I just don’t really see the appeal in a healing process that takes 6 times longer than a more traditional delivery, which, for me at least, took only hours, if not days, the first go-round. Plus, the idea of being cut open in general is SCARY. The worst injury (knock on wood) I’ve ever had is a fractured ankle, and that’s surprising for as awkwardly clumsy as I am in my day-to-day life.

But for Jess, word on the street is that she’s going under the knife, though there’ve been no confirmations if so, and for what reason. From our friends at Earsucker:

Instead of opting to have her baby naturally, we’ve heard reports that Jessica is actually scheduling a C-section. Her decision was prompted by the fact that her sister Ashlee was in labor for an entire three days. … A source said, “Jessica can’t wait to become a mother, but she quickly decided that giving birth the old-fashioned way just wasn’t for her. So she is planning a C-section in late April.” The snitch added, “She’s already booked a $2,800 suite at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A.”

I guess another thing that kind of bugs me, if you could say such a thing, is that there are women out there who don’t want to give birth naturally, AKA vaginally, because they’re afraid of vaginal stretching. Of course, it does happen, and I’ve heard that things sometimes aren’t always the same thereafter. But you know what? WHATEVER. Seriously. “I want a warm, cuddly, loving baby, but I don’t want my LOVE HOLE all stretched to shit so that no other man wants me ever again so I’m going to cut myself open and have the baby removed from my body instead”? Yeah. Totally to each his own, but friends, that is just something that I cannot fathom.

Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m not cutting down C-sections. I’m really not. A lot of times they’re necessary and life-saving for both baby and mom. Both my brother and I were born via C-sections and it was due to medical issues that my mom was having after trying to deliver vaginally. And we turned out just fine, thanks. But those who elect to have a C-section because their vaginal elasticity means that much to them? I don’t know, guys. That’s just something I don’t really understand all that well, you know?

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  • Well the reason I’m guessing she has was that her sister went through a bad labour. I get that. A friend of my mum’s almost died giving birth at the hospital and that has put me off home birth forever, because had she been giving birth at home, she and the baby would have both died. Giving birth sounds super scary when you have never done it.

  • I’ve had two planned c sections. They were my doctor’s call, due to pre existing conditions (so, not a vanity thing, or even a choice, honestly). I”d just like to point out that 1. I was not knocked out for either of them. That maybe happens during an emergency c section, but not a planned one. I was awake the entire time. 2. I spent 2 nights in the hospital with each one. That was it. I went home 2 days after I had my babies and went right back to my usual life. I mean, no sit ups or anything, but I wan’t bed bound, not did I have to go back to have anything removed. With my first I got staples that were cut and removed about ten minutes before I went home. With my second, they just used that cool medical tape type stuff that dissolves on it’s own.

    So anyway, no super long recovery period, and no being knocked out. Just thought I’d set you straight on those points. Having never been allowed to go into labour, I can’t really say that it’s easier or harder or anything else. I don’t even completely disagree with you. Personally, I feel like undergoing avoidable surgery is kind of crazy. I’d never choose to have surgery if there were an equally safe, equally effective alternative. So having a c section to preserve the hoo-haa sounds absolutely nuts to me.

  • Well, it also looks like she might have more than one baby? Sometimes multiple births are advised to be delivered via C-section if the mother is a first-time mother or if health might be a concern.

    Or, c-sections make a lot more money, so it could just be that she was advise to get one for no reason. Hey, most people would trust their doctors on something like that.

  • I see nothing that says Jessica is having the C-section because she doesn’t want her vagina stretched. You say you have heard women have C-sections for that reason but there is nothing to link her with that (seemingly irrelevant) information. It sounds to me like she is just really frightened. And to criticize her for that seems unfair.

  • Her docs probably advised a c-section because she’s so huge and by the time she’s due, it would be like giving birth to a 3 year old. I think having a c-section so you can keep your coochie tight is as good as any “excuse” to have a c-section. From what I hear, I’d rather go through anything except labor pains because I broke my ankle, too, and my sister told me that labor pains are about ten times worse…so that’s another “excuse.” Honestly, I don’t think the baby will be insulted one way or the other. Can’t say the same about your super-sensitive and high-drama pregnancy rules, however.

  • i used to love this site — when funnier people wrote for it. the last two pregnancy posts have been decidedly unfunny. Sarah has decided to get on her high horse about childbirth and it’s not funny or even entertaining. SUPER glad you pushed your kids out of your vag, but it’s not always an option for others, so shut your piehole.

    You’re not that cute and you’re not that funny.

  • you don’t have to be knocked out. you can totally get local anesthesia. haven’t you ever seen the babies get cut out and placed on their moms? rhetorical..
    anyway, i’m for C sections and a tight snatch.
    that is all.

  • Had to have emergency c-section or would have lost baby. didn’t get knocked out – had an epidural (which sometimes makes people not want to have a c-section… giant needle in your spine… but it wasn’t that bad). I had been in labour for about 8 hours and even though I wanted everything natural, I was kind of relieved when I had to have a c-section because after 20 minutes and lots of pulling but no pain, my baby was there!
    Recovery wasn’t that bad! 3 days in the hospital (awesome because the nurses helped us so much with stuff we didn’t know about babies) and then just taking it easy for a little while. Not much pain.

  • People aren’t knocked out for C-sections. I thought you’d know that. They have TV programs showing births every day now that you can watch.
    Also, it’s been well-known for decades that a LOT of stars opt for C-sections because they want to skip labor.
    Their recovery period is not a worry, anyhow, because they have a nurse, housekeeper/maid, etc…to assist them while they are recovering.

  • I forgot to mention, also, that along with many other stars, she has had surgery before (implants) and evidently she is not afraid of surgery.
    Elasticity has nothing to do with it. Stars (not you normal readers here who have had needed C-section surgery) are skipping the hours and hours of pain associated with natural labor.
    I am very thankful that young women today can have the epidural, which seems to be a God-send.