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In Kate Major News: Here’s a Notarized Affidavit from Arresting Officer Andrew Crawford

Photo: Kate Major's OTHER mugshot

First of all, I have to hand it to Kate Major‘s arresting officer, Andrew Crawford, because this is one of the best affidavits I’ve ever read.

I think it must be difficult to turn police procedure into a riveting narrative about some crazy-eyed 28-year-old woman slinging racist epithets and “almost kicking Officer McCoy,” but Officer Crawford has done it.

There are so many great details, too, like when three officers are needed to restrain Kate Major. Or how about that time she said her arm was sore, and she asked the Fire Rescue team to treat her injuries, and once they got there, she had no injuries? And then how she announced she was leaving, hopped up, and tried to walk out of her jail cell? Ah! What a hoot!

I especially like when Officer Crawford refers to himself in the third person. And when the police officer describes Kate Major’s compliance as “only last[ing] for approximately thirty seconds,” you can really feel his pent-up ire! I’d buy the book, Crawford!

Other kudos go to Celebitchy for dropping the best freaking mugshot since Nick Nolte.

I have typed up the sum total of Officer Crawford’s two-page affidavit (via TMZ). I hope you appreciate all that I do for you, dear readers.

Boca Raton Police Department

748.03(1A1) Battery, 843.01 Resist Arrest with Violence, 784.07(28) Battery on a Police Officer

On 01/14/12, at approximately 2142 hours, I was dispatched to a disturbance in progress in the parking lot of [redacted]. Upon my arrival, I observed a white female later identified by her Florida driver’s license as Kathryn Major being restrained on the ground in the grass by several people, later identified by their Florida driver’s licenses as Rosario Tapia, Juan Jimenez and Leanne Medina. Medina advised that Major was out of control and had attacked Tapia and Jimenez and they were restraining her until police arrived. I had everyone get off of Major and had her sit up while I separated the parties from Major. I attempted to speak with Major, who was screaming and yelling obscenities at Tapia, calling her a “fat f—k” and a “bitch”. I advised Major several times to calm down and talk with me; however, she refused and continued yelling at Jimenez and Tapia. As Officer McInnis arrived on scene, I had him stand by with Major while I spoke with the other parties.

According to Medina, she arrived in the parking lot of [redacted] to find Major attacking Tapia and Jimenez in the parking lot. She saw Major attacking them both and calling them racist names as they were both begging Major to stop. Medina attempted to intervene to aid them; however, Major began swinging her arms at Medina. Major was belligerent, screaming and trying to hurt Tapia and Jimenez. Major hit Medina, Tapia and Jimenez several times during the confrontation. Medina was not injured and did not want to pursue charges against Major so long as Tapia and Jimenez were pressing charges. Medina provided a written statement.

According to Jimenez, he was attacked by Major with her hands when he attempted to park his vehicle in the parking lot. Jimenez had just arrived in the parking lot when he noticed that someone had taken his assigned parking space. So while waiting in the lot, deciding what he was going to do next, he saw two women approaching his vehicle, one was Major and the other was her roommate, later identified by her Florida driver’s license as Erica Martinez. Major walked right up to Jimenez’s vehicle and opened the driver’s side door while yelling and screaming at him. Jimenez got out of the vehicle and asked Major what was wrong and Major attacked him by grasping onto his shirt with both of her hands and pushing and shoving him. Major also began calling him and his wife, Rosario Tapia, several racist names. Tapia got out the car from the passenger side and came around to intervene; however, Major then attacked Tapia, pushing her to the ground and attacking her all over her body (hands, breast and face). Jimenez provided a written statement.

According to Tapia, she was attacked by Major who twisted her right index finger, bruised her right breast and hit her in the face on both right and left cheeks. Tapia had just arrived in the parking lot in the right front passenger seat with Jimenez when Major and Martinez approached their vehicle. Major opened the driver’s side door on their vehicle violently. Jimenez got out of the vehicle and asked her what was wrong and Major attacked him. Tapia got out of the vehicle and tried to intervene; however, Major pushed Tapia to the ground. While on the ground, Major attacked Tapia violently by pulling on Tapia’s hair, twisting her fingers and hit her in her right breast for no reason. Tapia provided a written statement.

I also spoke with Erica Martinez. According to Martinez, her roommate, Kathryn Major and her were just getting back in the parking lot and parked the car when Major began yelling at Jimenez and Tapia for no reason. Martinez tried to get Major to stop yelling at them but she refused to listen to her. Martinez advised the argument was verbal only; however, she left while Major was yelling at them and did not come back out to the scene until the police had arrived.

While Officer McInnis was standing by with Major, who was sitting on the grass still, continued to be disrespectful and disruptive by yelling and screaming obscenities at Tapia and now myself and Officer McInnis. Officers McCoy and Clark arrived shortly thereafter and also attempted to calm Major down; however, she refused to comply with their verbal commands to stop and calm down by screaming and yelling more obscenities.

Based upon my investigation, I have probable cause to believe that Kathryn Major did actually and intentionally touch or strike Juan Jimenez and Rosario Tapia, contrary to Florida Statute 784.03(1). At approximately 2203 hours, I arrested Kathryn Major for simple battery. While taking Major into custody she tried moving her legs around and almost kicked Officer McCoy in the leg if he didn’t move in time. After handcuffs were placed on Major, Officer McCoy put the leg restraint “hobble” on Major to prevent her from kicking one of us. Officer McInnis and I held Major’s legs while Officer McCoy placed the hobble around Major’s ankles. Major was placed into the back of my marked patrol vehicle without further incident.

I transported Major to the Boca Raton Police Department for processing. Officer Kimsal responded out to the scene and took several photographs of Tapia’s injuries and dropped the photographs into evidence. While in the booking facility, I advised Major of her constitutional rights, for which she advised that she understood her rights and did not want to talk with me. Major also advised later that her left arm hurt and her right knee hurt and requested Boca Raton Fire Rescue (BRFR) to respond to treat her. Once BRFR arrived on scene, they attended to Major who could not advise of an actual injury or ailment that they could treat. Major began going on a rant to BRFR about why she shouldn’t be under arrest. Major refused to have any kind of medical conversation with BRFR and continued the rant. Major then said “fine I’ll just walk right out of here”. Major got up from her seat in cell #3 and began walking towards me at which point I placed both my hands on her arms and stopped her forward progression and told her to go back and sit down. Major then complied and went and sat down. However, that only lasted for approximately thirty seconds, while Major stared right at me; she then exclaimed “I’m going to cause a commotion then”. Major got up from the seat again and walked right at me. She refused verbal commands to go back and sit down again. I again placed both of my hands on her arms and stopped her forward progression. I turned her around, as she tensed her muscles, stiffened up her arms and refused my commands to go back to her seat. At this time, she began yelling and screaming obscenities at me and telling me to get my hands off of her. BRFR was in the cell with her, then escaped the cell without incident, while I held Major at bay from attacking them. Major was actively resisting me, by tensing her muscles and trying to pull away from my grip and attempts to control her. Once BRFR was clear of the cell, I attempted to back out of the cell and create some distance from Major; however, she managed to spin around and slap my left bicep with her open right hand as I was exiting the cell. This attack was witnessed by Boca Raton Fire Rescue Lieutenant Murray (ID#15944) who provided a written statement. Once the cell door was closed, she continued to kick and punch the cell door while screaming obscenities at me, calling me a “fat f—k”.

Based on Major’s further actions, I have probable cause to believe that Kathryn Major did knowingly and willfully resist, obstruct, or oppose Officer McCoy, a law enforcement officer of the Boca Raton Police Department in the execution of a legal process or in the lawful execution of a legal duty, by offering or doing violence to the person of such officer, contrary to Florida Statue 843.01. I also have probable cause to believe that Kathryn Major did actually and intentionally touch or strike Officer Crawford, a law enforcement officer, against the will of Officer Crawford, while Officer Crawford was engaged in the lawful performance of a duty and while Kathryn Major knew that Officer Crawford was a law enforcement officer, contrary to Florida Statue 784.03(1) and 784.07(2)(b).

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