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Love It or Leave It: Justin Bieber Dyes his Hair Dark Which Means He’s Going Off the Rails Soon, Right?

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That’s usually what that means, right? When Lindsay Lohan dyes her hair blonde, it reflects the amount of crazy she’s got in her system at that particular given time. When Britney Spears breaks out the pink wig, God help us all – major shit is about to hit the fan, deep-voiced Satan is about to emerge, and cities are going to fall. So what does all of this mean – all of this Justin Gothic Bieber stuff? End of the world? Does it mean that when Justin Bieber goes all dark and stuff, that we’re to expect some pretty colossal, public f-ck-ups in the near future? Because man. Wouldn’t that be just great? I totally thought that the end was near when the Teutonic Torso was naming him as her baby-daddy, but I was really let down there, so I’m praying that this means there’ll be some interesting stuff coming down the pike. Jesus tattoos and all, folks. Just in time for the end of the world.

Or maybe, in a less-interesting fashion, it’s to copy girlfriend Selena Gomez’s new look. She just put a bunch of blue in her already-dark hair the other day. It’s kind of alright, but it’s Selena Gomez. This might be the most scandalous thing she’s ever done, or really, will ever do, might I add.

Nope, I think that if anyone present in this relationship is cut out for insanity and wild antics, it’s Justin. I mean, honestly. Selena’s almost twenty-one and this is definitely the height of her craziness. I mean, for the love of God, blue striped hair? That’s kind of like that one time that Rachel McAdams put pink in her hair. Talk about, like, OMG what a harlot, right?

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  • Okay so let me get this straight.
    Biebs is a virgin who used to sit in his bedroom singing tunes to a webcam. Somebody gets the idea to make money from this kid who can endorse everything from feminine products to lunchpails.

    Biebs is set up with a celebrity cutie and bada boom bada bing she does him like a hummingbird drawn to a flower bed.

    Kid forgets about music and sticks to putting his face and name onto anything that will make a buck.

    Somebody comes up with an idea to change his hair colour because there ain’t nothin left to do that will keep his name in the public eye.

    Sheesh does anybody want to hear about how tough my “monthlies” are and the agony it puts me through.

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