Thank You, Evan Rachel Wood, for a Better Set of Nudes

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I’m so happy for Evan Rachel Wood. She’s really kind of come out of her weird goth shell over the last year, what with finally axing the relationship with Marilyn Manson, she’s rocking the hell out of her new haircut, and she flaunts her titties like it ain’t no thing (is it? Is it really?). She’s also engaged, in case you happened to miss the news! From the Examiner:

Wedding bells may finally be ringing for actress/singer Evan Rachel Wood. Her boyfriend British actor Jamie Bell proposed over the holidays. When she said yes, this became the second engagement for Wood.

Wood was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson until she ended it in 2010 amid allegations of infidelity. She and Bell met in 2005 when they were in the “Wake Me Up When September Ends” music video by Green Day.

They began dating shortly thereafter. The couple dated for a year and even got matching tattoos before ending their relationship. Last summer the twosome found each other again and got back together.

Awesome, right? I just love when these kind of things happen to people who seem genuinely neat. Plus, she bonus-ed us out with this latest spread for Flaunt magazine, where she – excuse the pun – flaunted her assets and her big old personality too.

About men who approach her for a date:

“[They] always seem too eager. I feel for guys. I’m telling you. It’s so much pressure. So easily you can turn into a creep.”

And that’s why she likes to be the take-charge one in the relationship, or “the dude,” whether it’s a relationship with a male, or even another female:

“I totally get it [though] because I got to a place where I had to start picking up women, and I had to be the guy. And I feel awful for any guy that’s ever trying to pick me up-it’s super hard. Women are very complicated. I love women – I am one, I adore them – but we’re all nuts. We’re all crazy! But, I think it comes from love. It comes from a place of caring too much and doing too much, and it will drive you nuts. Guys and girls are equally nuts – it’s just two different kinds of crazy.”

Thanks for that generalization, ERW. I appreciate it muchly.

Anyway, she concludes the interview (which you can check out more on here) with some off-the-wall comments about her sleeping habits:

“I’m a crazy sleeper. If you ever slept at home with me, you know you’re in for an adventure. I talk, I scream – I freak people out sometimes because I literally scream things. I am violent in my sleep, which I always find really interesting.”

Sure, interesting. I guess I’m a crazy sleeper, too, but I’m not violent. No, I’m just a dog-insulter. For real. My husband told me that I woke up laughing the other night (I don’t remember any of this), and when he asked me what I found so funny, I said “Sadie,” who happens to be our Coonhound, “is an idiot.” And I proceeded to laugh for another five whole minutes, completely oblivious to the fact that I was asleep. Awesome, right?

Anyway, you probably read through this whole post for the boobs. And I promised, and now I’ll deliver. But don’t get too excited – there’s only one NSFW photo out of the bunch, it’s not super quality, and it’s after the jump. But at least it’s better than having to roll your eyes at Olivia Munn’s PETA ad any old day, right?

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  1. puddin says:

    I thought her comment about being a crazy sleeper was going in a different direction there: “I talk, I scream–I f–“