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Olivia Munn Went Nude for PETA. Um, Woo?

photo of olivia munn for peta nude ads pictures 2012 photo
So, wait now. Olivia Munn is posing for PETA, which means not only is she anti-fur (duh), but she must be a vegetarian or vegan or something, right? PETA’d probably have absolutely nothing to do with her otherwise – does that sound like an OK connection to make?

That assumption being made, I just can’t see Olivia Munn as a vegetarian. Because she’s too much of a “guy’s girl,” duh, and in pushing that whole “I’m a hot nerd!” thing so far really kind of eeks you into the realm of “I’m a guy in a hot chick’s body,” and stereotypically speaking, what’s less “guyish” than not eating large, honking lumps of animal muscle and gristle and fat? No, I think Olivia Munn’s completely alright with the double-bacon burger fixation that she very well could have, but selling out to PETA when your target audience isn’t anti-meat-consumption fur-haters who pelt those they disagree with paint and shit isn’t going to gain you many of the fans that your trying to reach, I don’t think.

This kind of thing is precisely another reason that Olivia Munn is one fake-ass mofo. She caters to whatever audience is giving her attention – or an endorsement – at the time. She tries to appeal to the male “nerd” population, but in reality probably wouldn’t want to date anyone under Brad Pitt status; she tries to appeal to the downtrodden, picked-on high school girl, saying she was *just like them* in school, but yet people who went to school with her say that she was a stuck-up c-nt. Now she’s teaming up with PETA for … whatever reason. She must rather go naked than wear fur, I guess. That’s got to be it. But her original sentiments kind of echo “real girls hunt, real girls gut fish, real girls play video games, and real girls PROBABLY EAT MEAT,” don’t they, Olivia? Isn’t that part of your schtick also?


Good God, Olivia. Pick an audience and pander to it. Which are you trying for, Livvy? Or wait. Ah. OK. I get it. It’s supposed to be all of them, isn’t it. Isn’t that what you want, to appeal to every man, woman, and aniaml; every class, sub-culture, and nationality? This conquest of universal acceptance is just another step in gaining the general public’s adoration, right?

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  • The ads on this page are getting a little out of hand. I really like this site, I check it daily, but there are always at least two popups that come with this page and all the ridiculous ads on pictures/in front of things I’m looking at. I know you can close them on the computer but it’s hard on the phone. I understand needing to advertise to make money, but it’s definitely to the point where I’ll start going other places for my celeb gossip fix. Please be considerate of your audience, take the crazy ads down a notch!

  • This is actually her second PETA ad. Her first was about elephants in the Ringling Brothers circus and the abuse they get. I have to say, I’m down with Munn on these. She’s not being all “no meat never ever” she’s just down with not being ridiculously cruel to them. I hate that I often bag on PETA – I love animals but they go over the top most of the time. Munn’s campaigns seem reasonable to me.

    And that’s more about Munn than I’ve ever thought or written about in my life. Damn you Sara!

    Can we talk about the fact that they kind of played up her Asian roots in the face this time ?

    • Yeah, animal abuse is totally wrong, and PETA kills a lot of animals themselves rather than letting them fall into the hands of other people. Then they leave them in dumpsters. Google it. Animal abuse is wrong, but PETA is more so.

      • Amen…
        I took PETA completely out of any of my likes or approvals when they started on a campaign showing to kill ALL pets who don’t get adopted fast enough, are injured, etc., but then they PROMOTE that unadoptable HUMAN children because of the same, exact problems need to go to abusive foster homes, juvies, Psych wards, jails, etc. no matter how much “WAY CRUELER” that is. Then, they publicly trash any of us who firmly believe that you don’t kill a pet until you kill a human for the same reasons, while calling US monsters for feeling the way we do… and we state our opinions and facts to the World without getting paid for it, as they do.

        But… this gossip column here goes way beyond ridiculous too. I HATE anybody who wears fur, but I am also an avid meat-eater, as most of us who hate fur-wearing are, believe it or not. The stereotype we’ve been given of this ‘all-or-nothing’ blinders concept is so stupid it hurts my head. I don’t like the killing of any animals for any reason that is outside the same reason for killing a human, but I personally get by with the thought of my meat-loving while thinking of it as growing on trees (LOL). Knowing that it does not, I’m also against hunting, my thoughts being that the ONLY reason a person needs to hunt is if that’s the ONLY way you can eat and feed your family. At the same time, I also believe that then and ONLY then is when you keep and use every single part of the animal (including the fur) of the animal in order to help continue your own survival and to assure that no part of the animals’ death becomes any way in vain or wasted.
        I could go on and on about that, but it’s best that I don’t. The thing is I am not alone in thinking this way, with all of us knowing that those who do elsewise, teach their children to be the same kind of murderers, etc. is so far beyond Evil, that THESE people’s pelts are the ones we’d like to see made into handbags, shoes, etc., and worn by celebrities, models, and other public figures onto red carpets & runways.

        This ‘black and white’ only approach of viewing those of us who stand for the 4-legged fellow inhabitants of this planet, by morons such as who wrote this article, is completely uneducated, destructive, and Evil. I know that it’s only “gossip,” but gossip sells with idiots who believe in it all… otherwise rags like “National Enquirer,” “Star,” and all the others wouldn’t rake in BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year from their millions of readers and followers who help them to ruin lives of good people, celebrities and causes such as this particular one because that’s the only “good copy” to them.

        The worst thing is that I don’t notice anybody ragging on the fact that this columnist was in so much of a rush to get their rant against a great cause’s project slammed, that they forgot how to spell “animal” in the last paragraph, and also obviously forgot how to use their computer’s spellcheck in doing so. And where was this columnist’s Editor during all this? It’s bad enough to be so uneducated and jaded against a worthwhile cause (the project against fur is worthwhile… NOT PETA, as I’m sure most of us agree), but to get paid to write it out for the World to see with bad spelling of one of the simplest words known to humankind, and that word is a primary subject of what they are writing about? And their Editor was taking a day off, getting paid for doing so also, but this website still ran the article??? Sounds like the ONLY job any of these people should be gainfully employed at is recycling used condoms with a straw… because they seriously SUCK at this job.

  • Wow. Angry and defensive much? You sound like a furry lil carnivore.

    Although I’m in their camp, I’ve noticed that PETA doesn’t vet their celebs too carefully. Remember when Madonna went jogging in Central Park in one of their anti-fur t-shirts? Maybe not. It was long ago, oh, before you were born. The next thing we new, there she was onstage dripping white fur at the Oscars singing something from “Dick Tracy”. That Madge. Such a one for high ideals and personal integrity.

    “Selling out to PETA? Seriously? Since when is taking an anti-dominant-culture moral stance a sell-out? It’s kind of the opposite. It’s more of a buy-in.

    I don’t know Olivia Munn, but she’s gorgeous and looks very nice without fur. Good for her. I do hope she means it.

    • LOL @ “furry little carnivore.” I officially think that’s going in the “Info” section of my Facebook. Thanks! :D

    • If you’ve spent any amount of time here or done your research on Olivia Munn, you’d see that she pretty much sells out to anyone who’s willing to give her the mic at the time whether she really cares about the cause or not. Im pretty sure thats what Sarah means when she says the thing about selling out.

      • Anne – you know she doesn’t mean it because when she was first tapped to be a spokesperson she went to her first PETA event wearing these deliciously gorgeous leather rider boots. When it was brought to the attention of PETA people they harshly replied back “This is an event about fur, not leather!” and shut the spectator up. Look it up, it’s hilarious. That’s just more proof of how obnoxiously stupid this girl is.

        And yea, it is selling out to PETA. Celebs lie and say they’re now anti-fur so they can get publicity but really aren’t anti anything. Do you really think Khloe Kardashian doesn’t eat meat anymore? Get real.

  • Sorry, but I’m not really sure how she’s geeky? I don’t know much about her, and I’ve only done a little research. I’d rather watch a REALLY beautiful and TRULY geeky girl – like say, Felicia Day? Tina Fey? Hell, I’ll even settle for Lisa Simpson. I may be wrong, but it just seems like she does the bare minimum of what’s considered ‘geeky,’ but I can’t seem to find any hard evidence that she’s not just acting like the “Geek Goddess.” I don’t see her doing anything like what Felicia Day does; The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption. What kind of geek is she? Video gamer? Sci-Fi novelist wanna-be? Knowledge seeker with 10 difficult degrees?

    So she was on a video game channel. That was a job. So she wrote a book called “Suck It, Wonder Woman.” First thing you get when you google “female superhero” are probably Storm and Wonder Woman. So she dressed up as Slave Leia. Anyone who googles Comic Con can see thousands of women dressed up as Slave Leia.

    I’d be much more impressed if she went as, I don’t know, the Black Canary, or Zero Suit Samus or something not so… you know, OBVIOUS. Want to go to Comic Con as a sexy woman to prove you’re a geek, fine. Do it with something far less popular and over done. You know, by scanning a few articles on Wikipedia, anyone could pretend to be geeky. I mean, by all means, if you can prove me wrong, PLEASE do it. I’d feel much, MUCH better if she was honestly geeky and not just trying to tap into some “unexplored” area of hotness. ):


    • wow…are you serious??!!! PETA is NOTORIOUS for their anti-meat campaigns. they are NOT just about not abusing animals. PETA is more vocal about not eating meat than they are about almost anything else. they are even vocal about the evils of drinking milk! idk how you could possibly think that PETA is not against eating meat. just look at their website. they are militant vegans. plain and simple.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) i know stating the Obvious, none the less, it brings awareness, if only for a moment, to a good cause.

  • First off, if PETA was not against eating meat, they wouldn’t wage campaigns to convince people to eat tofurky, and other vegan dishes. Secondly, and this is important, the leaders of PETA have said time and again that their goal is to end all “unnatural” interactions between humans and animals. They don’t want us to own pets, they don’t want us to eat animals they don’t want zoos or people to own livestock. If you don’t at least know this much about PETA then you should more carefully vet the organizations you join.