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Nevermind – Britney’s Dead-Eyed Again

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Just when you (OK, I) though Britney was looking better and almost at her hottest and happy and what not, she went and posed for this photograph, which is depicts her with her tour team.

And guys, in this picture. Man, she looks TERRIBLE. It looks like she’s suffered a some kind of depressive stroke. I know that might sound kind of bad, considering the mental state she’s been in over the past few years, but honestly, I’m totally pulling for Britney to get her life back together (even if it means not doing it as a worldwide performer in profession). But somebody – somebody – close to her has got to do something about helping her with those eyes.

Anyone in the audience out there who knows anything about certain kinds of anti-depressants that make your face look like a sad Kabuki mask? Is that what it is? Or has she just had so much stress heaped up on her back like a sack of potatoes that the weight and worry is bearing down and wearing her down? Or is it that another one of her tracks leaked – a track way back from 2003, which, some say, could have been the first descent into Britney’s meltdown?

The song in question is called “Look Who’s Talking Now”, off of Brit’s ‘In the Zone’ album, and I’m assuming that it’s got absolutely nothing to do with John Travolta and/or Kirstie Alley and pell-mell sperm traveling up the birth canal, but hey. One never knows, now, do they. Here’s the song:

Oh wait, no. Sorry. I lied. My bad! Here y’all are:

The track features Britney’s signature heavy breathing and little-kid voice. And also, why do I feel like I’ve been exercising to this song for at least a year now? Has it come out before now, or is it just really that bad that it sounds literally like every other club song that Britney’s released in the past ten years? Finally, at the 1:27 mark, does she say “I’m pickled everyday”? Because that would really make so, so much sense after all this time.

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  • It probably doesn’t help that she’s that thin, either. Yeah, she looks great, but as anyone can note who’s seen her over the past 10 years and has listened to her interviews about how she used to work so hard and deprive herself to be in “I’m a Slave 4 You” shape, you’ll know that this is definitely not her natural body habitus.

    • Like her forearms are even thicker than her upper arms. Which is like, maybe she’s Popeye and I never noticed? But, uh—did her team really release this on purpose?

  • Yes, that is a totally fake picture. Photoshopped to hell…and possibly cut and pasted…the head does not match with the body..

  • the shadow under her chin doesn’t match everyone else’s shadowing…the lighting’s all off. Not only is it photoshopped, it’s BADLY photoshopped.

  • Definitely photoshopped. I don’t think Britney will ever get back to “Slave 4 U” shape…keep in mind that she’s popped out two kids and sometimes the body just resists. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s fat in any of her recent paparazzi picks. In fact, I think she’s at a healthy weight. Looks like the guy doing the photoshopping just completely left her right arm (our left) the way it is naturally and then proceeded to photoshop the hell out of her body. I mean COME ON-her arm is almost the size of her thighs…

  • If she’s on meds for bipolar (mood stabilizers and the like), that could account for “dead eyes”. But mental and/or physical exhaustion will do it too.

  • Ms. Dead Eyezzz is never going to make a comeback, she’s mentally gone for good. Her parents should not have forced her to do what she did at her young age.