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Doug Hutchison Only Owns Two Shirts

photo of courtney stodden and doug hutchison hollywood boulevard 2012 pics photos
So, alright. That’s a lie, I guess. If you count the Santa outfit (that, I don’t know, may or may not have been a rental), he’s got three shirts, but the only one I ever see him wear is this stupid Amsterdam shirt. And that stupid beanie. And those dirty-assed jeans. Alright. So we’ve confirmed that Doug Hutchison actually only has ONE outfit, unless you’re counting that Santa getup. Which probably was a rental at one point, but was “donated” to Hutchison after he tried to return it with creepy, crusty stains on the interior lining.

Also, is Courtney Stodden cutting … the inside of her elbow? I mean, it seems like a strange place to bloodlet, but this is just a kid we’re talking about DESPITE the fact that she looks like a Real Housewife. But wait, now, hang on a second – before Demi Lovato goes and calls me out via Twitter for being a nasty little c-nt bent on destroying them fragile peoples one by one, I’m going to say, “Just kidding! It’s actually just what her vagina probably looks like from excessive spray tanning coupled with a general lack of patience for standing still and not tic-ing out for three minutes while the orange shellac dries.”

Finally, did you guys know that you can own your very own piece of Courtney Stodden? Turns out she’s auctioning off a pair of Steve Madden pumps on eBay. And they’re signed, too. Right now the current bid’s up to $127.50 (plus shipping, LULZ!), but don’t worry: you’ve still got 6 days to count your pennies for these shiny, sexy, Stodden stilettos.

Images courtesy of Socialite Life