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Yes, Kelsey Grammer Probably Cheated on Camille

Photo: Kelsey Grammer with his latest wife, Kayte Walsh

I just don’t ‘get’ some people. Take Kelsey Grammer, for instance. I just don’t understand how his third wife—you know, the Real Housewife, the stinky one—ever managed to incur so much ire and wrath from Kelsey Grammer.

But somehow she did, and even these days, even when Kelsey Grammer is trying to say lovey-dovey things about his latest wife, he invariably manages to end up talking about Wife #3, too, if accidentally. In October, he told Piers Morgan all about his divorce, all about how Real Housewives was his “parting gift to her.”

Most recently, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Grammer copped to going on his first date with Kayte Walsh while he was yet a married man. He didn’t word-for-word say “I started dating my current wife six months before I filed for divorce from my last wife,” but it’s all in there anyway. Why? Why would this ever be a thing you would decide to share on television, even?

The Daily Mail:

Kelsey Grammer has confessed that he began an affair with his new wife Kayte Walsh a full six months before splitting with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille.

The Frasier star, 56, spoke out on Jimmy Kimmel Live about how he met and fell for the British flight attendant when she served him on a plane in December 2009.

He claimed that after meeting on the flight they spent a “magical night” together in London.

He told the chat show host: “We actually met in the air on a plane to England.

“It was very romantic, she was working on the plane.

“We went out for coffee several days later and had this magical night in the snow in London around Christmas time. It was two years ago.”

He did not tell his now ex-wife Camille, 43, who still goes by the name Grammer, that he wanted a divorce until June 2010, after a friend had informed her he was intending to leave.

The reality star claimed that Grammer then sent her a text message officially ending their relationship.

That’s, uh. That’s all really awful, actually. Not only did Kelsey Grammer probably cheat on Camille, he probably cheated all over Camille. Yuck.

What really ruffles me is how heroic Grammer lets himself feel about all this. “Oh, I decided to do the right thing and let Camille go. I let her go, but also I’d been seeing this flight attendant I met on a plane one time, and I married this new lady seven months after I filed for divorce.” Yeah! Affairs are totally OK when the marriage is “already over.” Hooray! That’s so heroic I could scream.

(Image via New York Daily News.)

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  • He likely shared all those things on television that WE think make him look bad because he is so arrogant and callous that he sees nothing wrong with what he did. Therefore, why not talk about it?

  • I was also looking at Camille and Kayte and Kelsey’s ages. If he keeps picking up new wives at the rate he is and each wife is younger than the last, it won’t be long before he is marrying someone young enough to be his granddaughter.

  • I have not been following this because frankly Kelsey Grammer is dull, and apparently, he is an ass. I do not get why he has so much animosity for his ex wife when it should be remorse he is embracing. But like I said I do not know the whole story.

    Regardless the man is icky, and his new wife is foolish if she thinks that this will not happen to her in a few years. I expect she expects it and is already preparing for her divorce.