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Quotables: Justin Timberlake’s Loose-Lipped Grandma Confirms Engagement

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“Yes, Justin is engaged. … Jessica is a very sweet girl, she’s upright and everything and we love her. She’s a wonderful campaigner for the environment and Justin is too, a fine young man. Jessica will be a lovely member of the family. They don’t know if the wedding will be in Memphis or Colorado. It’s all very new; they haven’t made any plans yet. Justin, his mom and dad and Jessica have all been in Montana all Christmas and New Year, that’s when he proposed. Justin rang me himself on Christmas day to tell me about the engagement. … You know Justin, he’s a very laid back. He was excited, but he don’t make a big episode out of anything. It just seemed like the right time for him I guess.”

Leave it to grandmas to spill the beans, am I right?

The above quote is direct from Justin Timberlake‘s grandma, Sadie Bomar, who was unwittingly approached around the holidays by a rogue paparazzi who happened to know where she lived. Naturally, grandma did what grandmas do – she gushed about her boy and let all of the secrets of the world slip, but come on. Who could ever be angry at a grandma (especially a grandma as cute and unassuming as Justin Timberlake’s grandma) for spouting off family news? The speculation finally comes to an end, and isn’t that just great?!

I guess we know where to go, now, when Jessica Biel-baby-bump rumors start to appear. Heaven knows we’ll find out, by hook or by crook. Or by default grandma.

Congrats to the newly-engaged couple, and way to go, Gram! You’re the best!

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  • Wonder how long it will be before Justin starts cheating on her now – before or immediately after the wedding. That’s assuming he’s ever stopped anyway.