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And Now, the Steve Jobs Action Figure

Photo: In Icons' Steve Jobs 12" action figure

Betcha thought I’d never stop writing about dolls! This time I am not writing about a doll; rather, I am writing about an action figure.

I ought to hate this uncannily accurate Steve Jobs action figure, but the truth is, it looks a hell of a lot more like Mr. Jobs than that Hungarian statue ever did. (Remember? Try to forget again.)

The not-yet-released Steve Jobs action figure comes from Chinese company In Icons—seriously, just look at their website, because that toy is amazing—and is expected to retail for 100 U.S. bucks.

The Huffington Post:

For the 12-inch Jobs action figure, In Icons again teamed up with Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer Dragon In Dreams, with whom they co-created a popular Barack Obama action figure back in 2008.

Like its predecessor, this new figure bears a creepily close resemblance to its source, right down to Jobs’ trademark turtleneck and glasses.

This is a thing that artists and toy collectors actually do, by the way: they buy any old mass-made 12″ action figure body, add a sculpted head and two hands, and voila! An unauthorized, unlicensed likeness! Of course these toys are almost never mass-produced, at least not in the traditional sense, and are sold only to serious collectors.

For comparison, here is the much-less-amazing Julian Assange action figure, the extremely amazing Leon the Professional toy, or my personal favorite, the first version of “Android Hunter,” which only barely looks like Young Harrison Ford. (Also—and this is really neither here nor there—I’m totally obsessed with these.)

But CNN thinks this Steve Jobs action figure might be courting legal trouble; the sale of nearly every Steve Jobs toy has already ceased and desisted.

But all is not lost, Apple fans! These toys have a knack for turning up on eBay.

(Image via Australia’s Courier Mail.)