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This is the Dude Kirsten Dunst is Dating These Days

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You might recognize him, or at the very least, his name – Garrett Hedlund ring a bell, anyone? He was in Troy, Friday Night Lights, Tron, and also, that REAL crappy Gwyneth Paltrow movie that I was convinced that I’d almost see by accident, Country Strong.

Funny thing is, though, all this time I thought Garrett Hedlund was one of the guys in the Twilight movies, and it actually turns out he’s not. First, I thought he was Cam Gigandet, who played ‘James’ in the first film, and then I thought, no, maybe he played Riley Biers, the newborn vampire that starts a whole coven of newborn vampires in Eclipse, but after a very superficial investigation, I found out that ‘Riley’s’ name is actually Xavier Samuel, and that vampire appearance was really sort of the only thing he’s done in life.

Talk about being uninformed on my B-list actor homies. I should be ashamed of myself, but definitely not of Kirsten Dunst. I’m hearing that these two have actually been dating since October, and that’s something that she should be proud of and kind of shout from the mountaintops or something, you know? Don’t be so quick to hide it, girl!

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  • Oh gosh! I’ve been waiting for AGES for you guys to write something about my favorite actor. He flies so far under the radar that pretty much the only news there is about him is when his next movie is coming out. I’m actually so excited to see this article. Please write more?