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Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul, Sales Explode

Photo: Kelly Clarkson in the Miami airport on December 10

We didn’t cover this as it was happening yesterday (Sarah linked to the ongoing story, though, so no excuses, people), but Kelly Clarkson experienced a huge backlash after endorsing Ron Paul as her personal presidential pick, via her Twitter account.

Is Kelly Clarkson wrong to endorse Ron Paul? Is Ron Paul a racist homophobe? I neither know nor care. I have few of his political views in common, I read a lot daily; therefore, I chopped him from my reading list months ago. And anyway, I already think worse about many other candidates as it is, so I’m really just fiddling until I hear about some all-new option to research. Sorry for being as poorly-read as Kelly Clarkson.

But as I read about this, oof, I felt really bad for Kells. I mean, sure, I used to get irritated anytime celebrities disclosed their personal politics (or religion, or atheism), but now I’m just like, oh, whatever, we all have fish to go fry. I’ve decided I can stand Ricky Gervais in small doses after all, and I get really excited when Matt Damon says or does anything. We willingly endure the ones we love, right? So tweet on, you nutty, carefree celebrities. Except maybe you, Victoria Jackson.

FURTHERMORE (sorry for derailing, twice now), I feel bad for Kelly Clarkson because Kelly Clarkson isn’t exactly promoting an unpopular stance. She is from Texas (me, too!), where Paul is actually a lot more popular than Governor Perry. That’s a totally cultural thing. Clarkson also says she wants to vote for a media underdog; even Jon Stewart has acknowledged Ron Paul’s viability as a candidate, which, hey, that’s some serious cred.

Anyway, here’s the fun part: ever since Clarkson’s Twitter controversy became news, her sales have exploded. Music site Idolator reports that, in 24 measly hours, Clarkson’s latest studio album has jumped from #41 to #13 on Amazon’s sales chart. I KNOW. If having a political view gets you that kind of crazy money, why stop?

So high-five, Kelly Clarkson. I honestly wish you weren’t so famous and that we were BFFs, because I would take your talented Texan 29-year-old libertarian ass out for a beer.

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  • Thanks for revealing that you are utterly uninformed, as if I didn’t already know it. Kudos to kells on all counts. The biggest racist homophobes are the ones who bitch.about it most, like you. I like what I like and hate what I hate. Deal with it, as I will deal with your lack of education.

    • Hmm. I’m drawn in a couple directions. My first thought was “this person could have actually been a lot meaner and ruder if he or she had wanted,” so thank you for not!

      Before I posted this blog, I read it to my mom. My mom! I wanted to know if she thought the blog were OK. She said it was fine, but who is Kelly Clarkson? Then she told me she’d like to vote for Rick Perry, even though Romney probably has the nomination. She said that even though she likes everything Ron Paul is about, nothing he espouses can ever come to fruition. I told her I like libertarians for their idealism; maybe we need more idealists and less realisticness. She hadn’t heard about the newsletters from the 80s and 90s, for which Paul is currently under fire.

      We talked a little longer, and then she said she liked I was so moderate. “Not ‘moderate,'” she immediately backtracked, and I agreed. “I’m a private conservative and a social liberal; I’m a Christian who believes in ‘moral relativism’, people say I’m the worst type.” We talked about that awhile.

      I’m sorry you don’t think I’m doing a good job. My mom thinks I’m cool.

    • “The biggest racist homophobes are the ones who bitch.about it most, like you.”

      That’s obviously complete bullshit. It’s also very typically said by racist homophobes. I wonder if it shows they also have some shame for being scum? That would be good.

  • Cranapple is probably a better example of what I JUST STATED, and, Jenn, you are not. So, I’m sorry and I take it back. I detest the old tired boring “racist” and “homophobe” garbage being traipsed around over and over again. And your frankness makes you probably more humble than I am. That is your virtue, and my vice. OK all that aside, I think you put things pretty thoroughly. I’m a an economic ultraconservative. I used to think I was a social liberal, but looking carefully at HOW, and WHY society has broken down so badly here in the states makes me really rethink the “social liberal” altogether. I’d say you’re right in that some, perhaps some, things Libertarians want will never come to fruition. You got a lot to learn, perhaps, but so then do I. And thanks for the good response. Happy happy new year, and I think it is VERY VERY important that you become a very very well informed voter. Be objective as much as you can. I can see some of that already in your thinking. We, the country, NEED you. …

    • You’re such a moron. Yes, you should definitely keep wallowing in your hypocrisy and keep preening your delusional superior feathers. Of course Liberals with their kind hearts must be the reason that there are problems in the world. Why aren’t they all selfish cutthroats like you?

      • Blah blah moron.. it’s amazing how quickly the name calling gets troweled out. Use logic and accountability. Logic and accountability.
        Otherwise it is hot air. Yeah. If we could JUST get rid of all the selfish cutthroats, then EVERYTHING would be JUST FINE… Bwaaaaah haaaaah haaaah .


      • I would say “Mom! Dad! Stop fighting!” except that it is pretty good for business if you keep fighting, so. :/

  • Heh heh.. Well put, Jenn.. If it’s good for business, I’m happy to oblige, ma’am! Now, back to the regularly scheduled program full of sun-dappled unicorns prancing on/in the dew-kissed meadows!