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Your Daily Gosling

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I think it’s going to be a thing around here, maybe, right? Should we do a “Your Daily Gosling”? Does he have enough of a fanbase around here to warrant his own daily post (at least for a little while)? Because honestly, I’m kind of torn these days.

See, way back when Ryan Gosling wasn’t such a thing, I was totally into him. TOTALLY. Back when he was dating a pink-haired Rachel McAdams, and back when his movie repertoire was comprised of a small role in Remember the Titans and a “real” role in Murder by Numbers (which was back when he was hooking up with Sandra Bullock, crazy, right?). That’s when I first sank my hooks into him.

Lately, though, this whole “dating Eva Mendes” thing and doing ‘Funny or Die‘ commercials and ripping …

… his ex-girlfriend (my lady love, Rachel McAdams) for “going mainstream” and citing that as the demise for their legendary love affair, I’m kind of … oh, I don’t know, “meh” about him. I mean, he’s still totally and completely gorgeous and I’d lay into him on him any old day, but I feel like the magic is gone, maybe. A little bit. I feel like he’s trying so hard these days to become the next George Clooney, and I feel like everything quirky and unique and genuinely “who me?” charming about him is now kind of contrived and … and … put on and I just don’t know anymore, guys.

I’m starting to really question myself here. If you’d have asked me six months ago who my number one Hollywood dude was, I’d squawk “OMG Adrien Brody!” in a heartbeat, and Ryan Gosling would be my close, almost inseparable second. These days, I’d still squawk “OMG Adrien Brody!”, but Ryan Gosling might be somewhere fourth or fifth on this list. There’s been a pretty major shift, here, and I’m not sure where it began (I’m thinking definitely sometime this past year) and I’m not sure where it’s going to end, but there’s a big difference in the Ryan that I used to love and adore and the Modern Ryan of Today, and it’s becoming more and more apparent to me as the minutes go by.

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