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5 Best Transformations of 2011

photo of lindsay lohan before and after drugs pics
Yesterday we did the Top 5 Douchebags of 2011, so I thought it only fair to give credit where credit is due (even if the aforementioned “credit” is only on temporary loan, like most credit is and then the person in slot #2 shoots back to complete grossness, and not just partial) and acknowledge those celebrities who have done some good for themselves, yes?

#5 – Evan Rachel Wood
photo of evan rachel wood picture photos before and after pic
Amazing what not sleeping next to Marilyn Manson can do for a girl, huh? She’s almost attractive these days, if you can forget that she posed naked and bloodied while eating cake. And participating in sodomy.

#4 – Mariah Carey
photo of mariah carey pictures before and after photo
A lot of people thought that Mariah’s figure, at almost forty-two years old, was all but gone, and after having twins, most said that was the nail in the coffin. She sure showed them, mmhmm girl.

#3 – Jennifer Hudson
photo of jennifer hudson before and after pics
Unbelievable, right? Now if she can stop losing weight for five minutes, things might continue to be OK. Girlfriend doesn’t have another ounce to lose.

Jump in to see the top 2 transformations of 2011!

#2 – Snooki
photo of nifcole snooki polizzi before and after pics
Looks better. Still disgusting, however.

#1 – Jonah Hill
photo of jonah hill before and after hot weight loss pics
Crazy, right? And you know what’s crazier? I thought he was the grossest, most obnoxious celebrity going after I saw his character in Superbad, and now? I’m kind of attracted to him. It’s got to be the pregnancy hormones.

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