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Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Athiest Tweets

photo of ricky gervais twitter pictures photos pics

photo of ricky gervais twitter pictures photos
So, that was the Tweet that set off a tirade of Christians to bash Ricky Gervais, saying that if he had any Twitter followers, they must be heathens and athiests and horrible, bad, bad people – much like him, I guess, huh?

See, though I am a Christian, I think people are entitled to think and feel how they choose to when it comes to religion, or just, you know, living their lives. Who would I be to say what was right for me is right for everyone else? I also think that anyone who wouldn’t support their fellow (gay or lesbian or otherwise) man in whatever endeavor they chose, as long as it wasn’t harming the livelihood of others, is in the wrong here. I mean, seriously, can you believe some of the garbage @GodsWordIsLaw is peddling? “I don’t know any normal man that stands up for queers”? Who even says stuff like that?

Sounds to me like some Christians are completely missing the point of the holiday they hold so dear – because insulting people based upon their thoughts, ideals, sexual preferences, or otherwise, don’t sound very “Christian-like” to me.

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  • The devil is the accuser.. those that understand that say the Lord rebuke you.. for that is what the angels say.. Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil as he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke you. For Moses body was taken away and not buried.

  • Amen, Sarah. I think most loving minded people are Christians. Christ was an amazing man and most of his teachings strike right to the heart of all good and compassionate people. They’re like simple common sense.

    Christ rocked. And no, I am not obssessed. Can just recognize a quality product when it’s there.

    His kindness, lovingness and non-judgementalness that people, in some cases, ended up warping for their own ends.

  • The problem with Christ is his fan club. No, but seriously. There are Christians and then there are people who use the excuse of Christianity to spit hatred. The shit atheists have to hear from the latter is insane.

  • Really, Sarah? You’re a christian? You do realize that christians and catholics have done their utmost to oppress women, right? They’ve been pretty fucking successful at it too. You should do some reading that isn’t christian/catholic propaganda. It does exist.

  • Christian and Catholic are two very different things.

    It’s the Catholic doctrine that is anti-birth control. That’s why so many Irish women were victimized by a Catholic doctrine that told them it’s a sin not to basically have one baby after another.

    Case in point, it took my Catholic mother 7 very close together kids to finally get wise… which occured at a Catholic retreat where the priest referred to sex with birth control as “mutual masterbation.”

    Sinead O’Connor got lambasted for tearing up a picture of the pope onstage… The result of the rage she felt at her mother being victimized by a system that doesn’t seem to take into account that not every woman is cut out to be a mother, and espcecially not a mother of dozens…

  • 1. Why does anyone over the age of 16 have a twitter account?
    2. Why does Ricky Gervais give a shit? The more you answer back to these people, the more you validate their existence.
    3. Where I live, what you think, say or worship is your own damn business.