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Kanye Throws The Biggest Fit Over A Business Card

A photo of Kanye West

Specifically, Kanye threw the biggest fit over a business card that someone tossed on stage during one of his concerts because he could have been killed.

After the business card was so malevolently thrown on the stage, Kanye stopped the concert. He demanded to know who had done the dastardly deed, because, as he said in his characteristic eloquence, “We risking our lives up here. You can’t go throwing shit that we gonna slip on.” When no one confessed, Kanye pulled everyone’s least favorite kindergarten teacher move and said “unless one person raises their hand and says ‘I’m the one who did it’, all that whole section gotta go.”

Thankfully, the carelessly violent individual revealed himself and was escorted out of the concert. But we might not be so lucky next time. Next time, some misguided lady thinking herself to be Kanye’s soul mate might throw her panties on the stage, or a young up-and-comer might dare to toss a demo up there. And BOOM, just like that, one of the geniuses of our time could be gone.

Just be careful, you guys. That’s all we ask.

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