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Guess Who This Is?

photo of mickey rourke 2011 pictures plastic surgery photos pics
If you guessed a sad has-been-alleged-spouse-abuser trying to look forty years younger and only ending up with the complete opposite result, you’re absolutely right. However, that’s not exactly what I meant. What I meant was, “Who, precisely, is this sad has-been-alleged-spouse-abuser, stuck on looking forty years younger and only ending up with the complete opposite result.”

If you guessed Kris Jenner, you’d be half-right. This is going to be Kris Jenner in five years, and I’m actually looking forward to that. Now, though, this happens to be Mickey Rourke. It’s Mickey Rourke, who used to look like this:
photo of mickey rourke hot pictures old photos pics

But who now looks like this:
photo of mickey rourke old plastic surgery gross pics
Poor Mickey Rourke. He’s had a pretty rough life. His skin’s elasticity is all shot to shit and sagging like Lindsay Lohan’s flat-tire ass, and while I realize that plastic surgery is probably a slippery slope, and I’m also aware that his first surgeries were to correct a broken nose due to boxing, I’m also pretty convinced, that had he never made that second, and third, and … whatever decision to continue trying to fix his face, that he’d look like a relatively normal almost-sixty-year-old, and it’s a SHAME, because he used to be SO HOT.

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  • oh leave him alone. fucking youth obsessed culture. and cautionary my ass…people are still doing sex, drugs etc.

  • He looks like shit, but he’s doing just fine. He’s been in a bunch of big movies the last couple of years, including an oscar nominated performance.

    Mickey Rourke is the only actor I know of (besides Tony Danza) who also fought as a pro boxer. He won most, if not all, of his fights too. Sure, he never learned how to block a punch apparently, and he was fighting a bunch of journeymen, but that’s still pretty damn tough for an actor.