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Suri Cruise is Getting Nothing for Christmas

photo of suri cruise throwing a temper tantrum pictures toy store photo
At least she wouldn’t be if Santa saw this lovely set of mini-bitchface photos. I know, I know – cut the kid a break, she’s a little girl, what little girl hasn’t thrown a temper tantrum in public, yeah, she probably wants that stupid stuffed dog that every other Hollywood couple’s daughter on the block has, and it’s totally the end of the world that *Katie stood her ground and didn’t buy it for her. JEEZ SARAH DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT KIDS ARE?

I’m kidding. She’s cute, and honestly, it’s fine. It’s all OK. And I’m sure it turned out well. It’s just SO GOOD that daddy Tom wasn’t there – I hear that Xenu seriously frowns upon tears, genuine disappointment, and, you know, toys in general.

*Awaiting confirmation

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