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Snooki and Her Duck Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

photo of snooki and jionni decorating a christmas tree 2011 pictures photos pics
I know Snooki probably wants us to think that there’s an “angel atop the tree” joke in this photo somewhere, but I’m too busy looking at her doofus boyfriend’s duckface. I didn’t even know dudes were allowed to make that face, let alone big, jacked dudes with presumably tiny penises. I mean, the steroids have probably done enough damage to his manhood and thus, his manhood-size self-esteem, so why would he want to do anything more to further encourage us to think he’s a complete simpering tool, unworthy of anything but … Snooki from Jersey Shore?

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  • I like to call the duckface the BJ face…. because it looks the same way when your on the receiving end and you look down at the person who is giving you the BJ…. looks exactly like this “Duck Face”

  • WHOA SHE LOOKS GREAT! I didn’t recognize her!!

    The guy, however…. I hate when guys dress like that. I can tell by the outfit = whattadouche.

  • We need more pictures of Snookie looking like this. Need to see if she really can look good. Jersey Shore has her looking like a retarded Umpa Lumpa.

  • Oh come now, hes not on juice. hes not even close to huge. hes 5 foot 4 or something, that t-shirt is a size small. Short guys don’t have to work very hard to look muscular cause their bones are so short they fill in quicker. And give the poor girl a little credit for not trying to find some D list soap actor to marry after dating for 3 weeks or even better some, one injury away from the permanent bench, athlete like all the other “famous for my lack of talent” floozies out there. At least she picked this guy up on the strip and they have things in common.