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Love It or Leave It: Miley Cyrus Shows Us Some Boob

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Look, it’s Miley Cyrus trying to distract us from thinking that she’s a stoner! Come on, Miles, you don’t have to worry about that business: we know you toke up on the regular, and it’s OK. Really, it’s alright. It’s not like you’re Lindsay Lohan who feels the need to blow every semi-powdery substance in a 45-mile radius up her nose every time she gets rejected for an Epic Movie Role. We’re completely alright with you, and you don’t have to go to such extremes as almost baring your boobs to make us like you again.

I mean, it’s a great gesture, and I’m sure everyone completely appreciates it, but we love you just the way you are, girl – don’t change who you are.

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  • she looks great.
    i like miley, i dont undestand the hate towards her, besides if she does smoke that’s what we all do when we are that age so it doesnt even matter
    i think shes really normal compare to all the hollywood crazies who take drugs and have a big head and and a famish 9 year old body to go with it