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Quotables: Jane Fonda Is Not a Republican, Is Contemplating a ‘Barbarella’ Remake

Photo: Jane Fonda Shows Off the Peace Sign at "Anderson" on December 6

“[The candidates] all scare me, frankly. I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates.”

Jane Fonda talks politics with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Ever since the 1970s, Fonda has been better known for her politics than for her acting (or exercise tapes), but her statement isn’t really very divisive, is it? So far, every candidate stinks.

Where is the controversy? I want controversy, Jane!

Here is the quote that actually made my blood boil:

“I think it’s kinda cool that I aroused a lot of young men at that certain time, but [Barbarella is] pretty tame compared to what we see now. I’d like to remake it. I would. Maybe I will one day.”

What? No! What? I can’t even!

You guys know how I feel about Barbarella. I have been explicit about my Jane Fonda love. But nobody can do Barbarella better than Jane can, and no—oh God, no—I am not saying that Jane should squish herself back into that vinyl unitard.

I mean, Jane looks great and all, but—oh, you know what I mean.

Anyway, a Barbarella remake would just be redundant. There was already a remake anyway: it was called CQ.

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  • The Republican candidates scare me, too. However, the difference between Jane Fonda and me is that the idea of a free market system also scares her…unless, of course, it can help her become successful as an actress and and as pitcher of cheesy workout videos.

  • Sorry, Jane Fonda is and always will be a twat. Her idiotic notions have led her to make some horrendous decisions in her life that, frankly, are unforgiveable. She just needs to be slapped upside the head whenever she opens her mouth.