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That Was Fast: Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Spread Leaked

photo of lindsay lohan nude playboy shoot pictures
Oh guys. It’s here. It kind of arrived ahead of time, and without much regulation leaked-photo-fanfare, but it arrived regardless, and what a disappointment it is.

Lindsay‘s lips are grossly gigantic (face lips, guys, face lips), her hair looks like it’s going to snap off at the roots, and the Marilyn Monroe comparison thing is as worn out and tired as the snatch that she didn’t even show. The best two things about the shoot (which is obviously NSFW and will follow after my blathering)? And NO, not THOSE best two things? The interview’s lead-in mentions something about “America’s most fascinating celebrity” or some BS, and that someone at Playboy decided to Photoshop some color in girlfriend’s normally-albino Frankenipples. I laughed for twenty minutes at those watercolor nips.

Enjoy the spread!

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  • Maybe someday she’ll get over the MM fetish and recover some of her natural beauty…like in her forties, maybe. That said, the pics are nice vintage-style nudies and her body looks good. The freckles are still there, not all airbrushed out. I think it’s much better than her other Marilyn-style shoot.

  • Well, those have been photoshopped beyond all recognition. What’s the point in that? May as well have been anyone. Don’t get me wrong its probably a GOOD THING but hell,on most of those the detail is so blurred they look like they’ve been painted with oil pants and a sponge!

  • Whats the point if it doesn’t even look like her? I dont want to see Lindsay as Marilyn, I want to see Lindsay as Lindsay. Waste.

  • what is the point of doing a Marilyn spread? Marilyn did it so now you’re just fucking lindsay lohan doing a marilyn spread. ridiculous and useless. washed up and washed out. maybe going back to red’ll change your luck.

  • Her lips are so frighteningly large compared to how they used to look. Also, it’s remarkable that somebody with an anatomically lovely body like she has still manages to look so terrible and awkward. Next.

    • When I first saw the pictures I said ” Wow she looks awkward as fuck” She used to be such a beautiful girl. I like the lips though.

  • Man, Playboy got ripped off bigtime. For 1 million, she should have had to show her firecrotch. George Lucas did the photoshop personally, I’ll bet.

  • What’s up with this shoot? I know that vagina is notoriously present in most tabloid photo shoots, but this is playboy. They deserve to get the full spread from her, especially if she is going to pose as Marilyn Monroe and not Lindsay fucking Lohan, star of mean girls. Ughh

  • When will the world get over its infatuation with trying to recreate MM’s ‘look.’ Michelle Williams barely has it – LL definitely does NOT have it. MM had the rare quality of vulnerability combined with lush sexuality — and LL is as far from that as you could get. I agree with the others – it would have been nice to see her as LL — her natural hair color is more beautiful than anything here. What a waste (and I mean that in the broadest sense.)

  • Eeeek, why are her nips so microscopic? Freckles…*Hrrrrrumph-barfvomit* They could have at least photoshopped in an even skin tone. SALLOW!

  • I did find a couple of those pictures very classy, but I did expect more for the million dollars that she was paid. The Marilyn Monroe look that she’s trying to pull off is not working for me and she looks nothing like that in person, so the photoshop look she’s displaying, isn’t even hers. America’s Most Fascinating Celebrity is not a true statement to who she’s been lately, but America’s Most Disappointing Celebrity would really fit. Playboy could have donated that money to charity instead of giving her more money to get high.

  • Puh-leez with sleaze on top. They are just doing this to promote the new MM movie. And since when was Lohan America’s most fascinating celebrity? Are you f-in’ kidding me? What an insult. First Michelle Williams and now this? LINDSAY YOU ARE NOT MM!!! GET OVER IT! Poor Marilyn, must be turning in her grave, yet again…:( Two thumbs down.

  • WOW what a joke!! i actually had hope for this dumb girl, now Lindsay Lohan is DEAD to me! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME she tries to pose as MM she did “The last sitting” they were horrible to say the least! i get it she likes Marilyn Monroe, but its one thing to admire some one and an other to try to be some one. she looks a like a joke in theses photos.. i seriously expected to see the spread to be INSPIRED by MM not COPIED. so sad she is officially a joke in Hollywood. she is coming off as a joke!

  • Get off of Lindsay, she had nothing to do with the Marilyn thing. That was Playboy Magazine and it’s staff trying to do something in a panic. Lindsay was nervous, couldn’t get in the right frame of mind and in a panic they came up with a bad idea. It would have been 1000 times better if it was Lindsay as Lindsay I agree. but come on. Does anyone think she showed up like that? Hell no. Playboy staff controls every aspect of what goes on there and her nervousness made them nervous. It’s more Playboys blow it than Lindsay’s. She is still a beautiful girl in a big way. She’s more beautiful as herself. She has made a few bad decisions, but that doesn’t mean that’s who she is.

  • Lindsay can’t be photographed as Lindsay until about 6-12 months when all the Juvederm or Radiesse filler wears off that was over-injected into her small lips. They look unnatural, natural lips don;t have that sausage look. A shame, the low self esteem is just screaming out.


  • So tired of people defending this women. She hasn’t made a few mistakes, and it is not just her life she messes with. How many times has she driven drunk? It is a miracle she has not maimed and killed anyone yet. LL has had every opportunity to straighten out her life, yet she continues on a downward spiral. @Audrea So yes she is held to much higher standards than most of us because of the life she choose for herself. By the way not everyone has been a world class loser when they were young. @scotsman Maybe more people should stay on her, maybe then she wouldn’t be such a $#%^ up. Making excuses sure doesn’t help.