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Rumer Mill: Is Zac Efron Dating Rumer Willis?

Photo: Zac Efron with Rumer Willis in 2008

I mean, OK, the answer is probably no. No, Zac Efron is probably not dating Rumer Willis. But that won’t stop the tabloids from wondering!

Pop2it has assembled this helpful list of places the are-they-or-aren’t-they pair has been spotted together:

– Zac accompanied Rumer (and the Willis family, sans Demi) on an ISLAND ADVENTURE in December 2010

– In July, Rumer, Zac, and friends watched helplessly as pal Ryan Rottman was arrested for a DUI (nice “Stay Reckless” T-shirt, cargo-shorts guy)

– Also in July: In Touch reported that Zac finally met Demi and “brought [her] flowers”

– Last month, Zac and Rumer went clubbing with the aforementioned Ryan Rottman, but Zac left before Rumer did (I sure hope they all took cabs)

– They’ve been hanging out this month, too

Let me just also add that Rumer was rocking a bandage dress way back in 2008.

The truth? The truth is, I want this to be true so hard. Wouldn’t that be the best ever?

(Image via CercaIN.)

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