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Jeremy London Wanted for Questioning

Photo: Jeremy London on October 21, 2010

Jeremy London—not to be confused with twin brother Jason London, which I’m sure Jason loves—has had his share of legal qualms in the past. London’s addiction problems have been preeeetty well documented; a year and a half ago, he and his estranged wife both (?!) lost custody of their son, Lyrik.

I’m not sure this new wrinkle is altogether related, but here goes, anyway: Jeremy London is sought for questioning in Palm Springs, California, due to a domestic squabble. Yesterday morning, London’s girlfriend called police after a “verbal altercation over custody of the couple’s child became violent,” the Huffington Post reports. London’s lawyer, Catherine Lombardo, says the girlfriend fabricated the story.

And that’s it; that’s all. That’s all we know so far.

I have a little soft spot for Jeremy London. It’s definitely my nostalgia talkin’, but I love his clueless-in-love, flannel-clad role as T.S. in Mallrats. And remember the time London claimed he was carjacked, abducted, and forced to smoke meth all night? Yeah, turns out that was totally true—a detective testified that kidnapper Brandon Adams had confessed to holding London against his will, and Adams was convicted of the crime.

Get better soon, Jeremy.

UPDATE: OK, this makes a lot more sense. Radar is now reporting that the phone call came from none other than Jeremy London’s ex-wife, Melissa Cunningham. This conflicts with the earlier report that some random new girlfriend had phoned Palm Springs police. Also, Cunningham’s hand was injured in the fray. Her hand.