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Love It or Leave It: Kristen Stewart’s Weird Dress

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You know, I love Kristen Stewart. I really, really do. I’m not quite sure why, as she’s kind of bland and dry and looks like she’s in pain a lot of the time (I can imagine hanging out with her would be like hanging out with that one grandmother with all the bed sores who’s strung out on pain meds all the time and has nothing good to say about conditions in her assisted living facility), but I think she’s pretty awesome on the whole. I just get along with those crotchety-grandma types, I suppose.

This look, however? I am not – not – not loving this look. I know it’s supposed to be “haute couture” and what not, and it’s not supposed to be all cutesy and frilly and pink and “Kristen looks sooooo pretty!” but this? Eeyh. It looks like something even Lady Gaga would discard, and that’s truly the sign of a spoiled dress.

Image courtesy of Vogue Italia

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