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UPDATE: Gee, I Wonder What Kate Major and Michael Lohan Have Been Up To

Photo: Kate Major "resolves" some "issues" with "Dr." Drew Pinsky

Where’s Michael Lohan, anyway? Last I heard, he was in solitary confinement—no joke!—where he’ll fester until Wednesday.

In the meantime, Kate Major has been keeping herself busy! To start, she sat down with Dr. Drew, who was happy to help her air some of her business on national television. She dropped a bunch of bombshells during their interview, too, like:

– Michael Lohan is on steroids
– Michael Lohan has been shopping around a sex tape that Kate Major says she didn’t know existed
– Michael Lohan was using the threat of said sex tape to make Kate Major drop her restraining order
– Michael Lohan once tried to force-feed Kate Major an eyeliner pencil
– No, she’s never met Lindsay

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After the episode finished taping, Kate Major caught a flight from L.A. back to Tampa, where she lives. And you’ll never guess what happened next! Kate Major drunkenly assaulted someone on the flight! Right there in first class! Then she was escorted from the plane, arrested, cited with misdemeanor battery, and released. I know! And while this was all going down, Lindsay Lohan managed to serve an entire jail sentence.

(Image via The Hollywood Gossip.)

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  • Thank you Micheal Lohan and Kate Major for making our own drunken pilled out fuck ups seem so tame…

  • To call these two uber-trash is to give the term “uber-trash” a bad name. Give them both a nice balcony suite with an ocean view, lock them out on that same balcony with a tone of booze and pills, and let them fight it out until they both go over the side and get washed away forever.