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Demi Lovato Has New Hair

Photo: Demi Lovato tweeted this pic of herself as a redhead

Demi Lovato has been through a lot lately. And because I always applaud reinvention, I have to hand it to her brand new hair: she looks like Ariel. She does! It’s very Feria, but I mean this in the nicest way.

Demi, if you’re out there? Listen up: please drop that 31-year-old dead weight. You and your new fiery-red mane deserve so much better. This is Real Talk. And if dying your locks Manic Panic green is what it takes to muster all that resolve, by all means, do it, sister.

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  • she’s tryin’ to look like the ex of wilber or wilmer whateverthefuckhisnameis – that’s right – LINDSAAAY! he’s publicly said before that linds was one of the best lays ever, so little self conscious girlfriend here is trying to keep up mmmmmHMM.

  • I love it. However she has an iPhone; so no need for the mirror shot. She can just switch the camera around.