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Andy Rooney Has Passed Away

Photo: Andy Rooney in 2004

Andy Rooney—the lovably cantankerous fogey best known for his commentaries on “60 Minutes”—has died. He was 92.

Last month, Rooney announced he would no longer contribute regularly to the newsmagazine. According to CBS, Rooney passed away Friday night from “complications following minor surgery.”

From Rooney’s final broadcast, which aired last month:

When I went on television, it was as a writer: I don’t think of myself as a television personality. I’m a writer who reads what he’s written.

People have often told me I said the things they were thinking themselves. I probably haven’t said anything here that you didn’t already know or [haven’t] already thought. That’s what a writer does. There aren’t too many original thoughts in the world. A writer’s job is to tell the truth. I believe that if all the truth were known about everything in the world, it would be a better place to live.

(Image via Planet Pit.)