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Lindsay Got 30 Days in Jail … But Wait!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

It’s always a great day for America when Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. You get this warm fuzzy feeling of justice being served. It’s almost better than Christmas morning! But then something like this happens, and everything goes to hell.

But let’s rewind.

Today, Lindsay got sentenced to 30 days in jail for that time she violated her probation. The judge gave Lindsay a schedule for her probation because she obviously can’t figure it out for herself, and the deal is that if Lindsay doesn’t complete the rest of her probation by March 29th, then she gets an extra 270 days in jail. The honorable judge also advised that Lindsay stop telling Twitter all about the morgue. Everything sounds good, right?

Not so much. It turns out that there’s a law that if someone gets sentenced to 90 days or less, they are automatically processed and then released due to overcrowding. So basically this bitch already got out of her jail time before we even got a brand new mug shot! It hardly seems fair.

For those of us who are rooting for Lindsay to get some solid jail time in – it’s for her own good, ok? – there’s still the chance that she’ll mess up her community service again. Can we get some bets going on how likely that is? And while we’re at it, can we also talk about Lindsay’s outfit? She’s getting better, right?

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  • Just goes to show what a joke California is. Their residents continue to dream that illegal immigrants don’t really cost them that much, their state financial situation is a disaster and their state employee unions aren’t really a problem.

  • I know she’s horrible and a washed-up former actress who has this unhealthy obsession with modeling her life after a suicide victim, but seriously… I love that dress.