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Of Course Tony Romo’s Wife is Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson’s pregnant, so some new wife of an ex just had to have the had the honor to be with child, and we all know that Vanessa Minnillo is just Nick Lachey’s beard and he actually can’t get within five feet of a willing vagina without breaking out into hives.

From People:

During a visit to Cedar Hill High School near Dallas, a student asked if he has any children. “Um, no, I don’t have any kids,” Romo replied, following up with, “I’ve actually got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.”

As the students clapped, Romo, 31, smiled, raised his fist and said, “It’ll be fun.”

Indeed, Tony, it’ll be fun; congrats! And it’s good – real good – to know your manhood (and football team!) still work just fine after going through the Simpson Mangler.

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