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Christina Aguilera Looks SO MUCH BETTER Without Makeup

A photo of Christina Aguilera

It’s no secret that Christina Aguilera has been looking kind of rough these days. Something about all the booze just doesn’t flatter her that much. But in these photos where she’s not all made up – or at least not all made up for Christina – I think she looks really great!

Now if she would just put on some pants …

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  • If it were me, I would sue the shit out of the tanning salon that sprayed that crud on me….now she really does look like a pumpkin….or maybe a jack o’ lantern.

  • She doesn’t even look like snookie, she is much preetier, and she isn’t even what I consider fat, Snookie, is an ugly woman christina is not, why does everyone feel the need to put her down, for starts in 2010 the said she looked like lady gaga which she doesn’t now it’s snookie or adele, well I think she looks lovely and she has amazing legs, I’m glad she went without makeup too looks hot to me

  • I think she looks pretty good without all the make up on too. At times she looks kind of “clownish” and she is too pretty to be looking like that. She should start to think of her makeup as she does with her cloths … Less is more.

  • Stop lying to yourselves she’s butt ugly without makeup and all that plastic surgery hasn’t helped her looks.Christina and Snookie are twins.