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Love It or Leave It: Kate Hudson Goes Brunette

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Look, it’s a dark-haired Kate Hudson! And you know what? I kind of like it. She sort of reminds me of Darlene Connor, and that can never really be a bad thing.

Anyway, the brunette hair is for a movie Hudson’s filming, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which hits theaters in 2013. From IMDB:

A young Pakistani man working on Wall Street finds his approach to life changes after 9/11.

The film also stars Kiefer (yay!) Sutherland and Liev Schreiber, but you probably don’t have to worry about seeing this. I mean, all signs point to the world ending  sometime in 2012, so they just may as well scrap this whole project. As a matter of fact? Scrap all projects that won’t be ready for 2012. There’s some extra money for you, Wall Street protesters.

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  • No. She doesn’t look ugly, but she looks average. Maybe even plain. Too many people already have that look.

  • There are very few girls that have long blond hair, like she does naturally. She should just leave well enough alone, and wear a wig in the picture. Her own hair will be so fried when she colors it back to blond, and it will take a good year or two to get it back the way it was, and by that time she’ll probably be gray.