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Ashton and Demi Go Camping to Make Their Marriage All Better

photo of ashton kutcher and demi moore camping trying to save marriage pictures photos pics

OK, first of all, how creepy is it that people can’t go CAMPING without photographers lurking in the dark shadows of the trees? That really freaks me out. I mean, me, when I go camping, I worry. I worry about bears (had one rush our campsite once), hook-wielding insane asylum escapees (too many scary stories as a kid), and backwoods Deliverance fiends, and yet people like Ashton and Demi have to worry about people intentionally hiding, intentionally skulking around in the forest behind them? That’s just mad creepy if you ask me.

Creepy or not, though, this is allegedly the last-ditch effort to try and save a violated marriage, and Ashton and Demi have brought out the big Kabbalah guns – they even took them camping with them. From Radar Online:

Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher used Yom Kippur, the holiest and most solemn day of the year for Jews, to beg his heartbroken wife Demi Moore for forgiveness — at a campfire heart-to-heart in Santa Barbara, Calif., is exclusively reporting.

And it gets better – supposedly Demi Moore freaked out at the woman who took the photograph:

Looking gaunt and tired, Demi confronted the amateur photographer and tried in vain to block the woman’s camera, screaming in her face: “Please don’t take photos of me or my family. Please don’t expose this.”

Demi and the camper went nose-to-nose before the hostile star scurried back to the camp and ordered Ashton and their three friends to hide inside their tent in a bid to avoid being snapped further, according to an eye Witness.

“Demi was screaming,” the onlooker told Star. “Once she knew she had been photographed, she whistled at Ashton and gestured for him to hurry into the tent.”

So then … good luck, I guess?

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  • Is taking the photo any creepier than posting it? Or on me reading and commenting? I think we are all a bit creepy.