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3Nadya Suleman Just Landed The Role of A Lifetime!

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Remember that time that Octomom had all those financial troubles and she almost lost her house? And then she had to do those creepy photos with that dude in the diaper to get some money? Well, those days are gone, because good ol’ Nadya Suleman just landed herself a role in a horror flick. Score!

Here’s the story from TMZ:

Octomom is starring a low-budget horror film called Millennium. Octo plays a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But turns out Jessica’s a demon (yes, there’s a plot hole — Octo getting knocked up by a female demon).

According to Octo’s manager, doing this film makes her eligible for SAG health benefits — which means she’ll cut her health care premiums in half.

In all honesty, this actually sounds like a pretty fun deal, doesn’t it? Personally, I would love to get to play around in a cheap scary movie, and if she gets those sweet health benefits, then she should have a lot less to worry about financially. Who knows, maybe she can start to afford all those babies that she hates!

October 10, 2011 at 4:30 pm by Emily
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3 Responses to “Nadya Suleman Just Landed The Role of A Lifetime!”

  1. Beebee says:

    Ahem! :D Somebosy listen to this..haha Really good cover of Paramore’s Monster. Better than the original actually…shammeee…

  2. blondie says:

    Does this mean she prefers females or just demons?

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