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Miley Cyrus Sings ‘Party in the USA’ for Haiti

I think it’s actually really sweet that she traveled all that way to have a sing-along with a bunch of underprivileged kids. Kids that apparently love this bitch, just judging by the way they all went nuts over her appearance. And what was Miley doing in Haiti, you ask? Well, she was volunteering with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which helps provide hearing aids to those with impairments.

Anyway, the video is totally heart-touching. Despite that I took six years of French, I can’t understand a word of what’s being said (it’s completely true when they say “use it or lose it”), but part of the big appeal is that Miley showed up looking like … well, Miley. I don’t generally have a good many things to say about girlfriend here, but here goes: she appears to be as real as they come, and I don’t think there’s really much pretentious pretense about her, at least as evidenced by this video.

Good for you, Miley.

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  • I’m French and I live in France and I still can’t understand what the guy’s saying ;-) I think he’s speaking Haitian Créole which is a dialect based on French.

  • Yes, the adults speak Kreyol to the children. Though every Haitian knows Kreyol, it was only made one of Haiti’s two official languages in the 1980s by Aristide. French is the language of the elite, government and higher education but Kreyol is spoken in the home and by the poor. There are many cognates between French and Kreyol (poisson/pwason = fish, bonjour/bonjou = hello for example) since Haiti was a French colony until their revolution secured their freedom 1804 but the syntax is closer to West African dialects and is easier for many Americans to learn. Curiously, Kreyol does not differentiate gendered pronouns; il/elle is “li”.

  • She went a group providing hearing aides to the deaf and then sang party in the usa to those who are without.. greatly suffering and so..what the heck is a party for?.. must be country-fried irony..

  • ok you have a right to your opinion but to refer to her as a b—-h right off the bat for doing a good thing for under privilage children is wrong in so many ways. your not only insulting her but you are the saying the children are fools for enjoying her music and being happy she is there to help them. even though you tried to save yourself it failed because of that one word. miley is for real. you dont see her pushing makeup or perfume or even her own music are movies. she is out in the real world trying to make a real difference. you go miley .