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Deranged Fan Lobs Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

Photo: Tiger Woods visited Jimmy Fallon in March

At yesterday’s Open, Tiger Woods was standing at the 16th hole, deep in concentration, gripping the shaft of his putter, preparing for his final stroke. When suddenly, an errant weenie arced through the air!

The story from USA Today, via Gawker:

Woods was lining up his birdie putt when an unidentified male spectator came running toward the green. Woods, who finished in a tie for 30th, looked up and said he saw a hot dog flying in the air which the man had thrown.

Whether the flying sausage were intended to smack Tiger in the face or merely disturb his putt, we’ll never know: Woods’ would-be attacker, though compliant, refused to disclose his motive to Santa Rosa authorities.

The heckler had a surprisingly lousy arm, though: he lobbed the hot dog from 40 feet away, and it soared only eight, maybe ten feet, before softly thudding onto the putting green.

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