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OK, so first of all, how hot is Hope Solo? She’s athletic, she’s hot, she seems like a blast to hang out with, and she’s going places. Women’s soccer champ, Dancing With the Stars contestant, what’s next? … No, really, what’s next?

Jump in to check out girlfriend in all her stacked-up glory!

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So, I know, I know – I do this kind of thing to you guys quite a bit. But you should know me by now, and you should also know I like to keep you on your toes. As for nudity, is that something you think I’d run before noon, anyway? OK, you’re right, I suppose you do know me pretty well – I would. But still.

The photo, at any rate, is from ESPN magazine’s body issue, and also features other “nude” covers like that of Gretchen Blieler, professional snowboarder:

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And New York Mets’ Jose Reyes, who would probably be really hot if it weren’t for the five-head he’s rocking with the otherwise-fab hair:

photo of jose reyes pictures photos nudes pic naked

Who’s your favorite NUDE?

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