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Amy Winehouse’s Last Lover Breaks his Silence

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Reg Traviss, right? Him. The one who was supposedly with Amy – but not with Amy, as other media outlets report – when she passed away has some pretty nice, posthumous things to say about my fallen angel, and while it should probably make those who mourn Amy feel a sort of consolation because they now know that there was someone else out there who saw in Amy what they, themselves, did, it only makes me sadder.

Traviss on Amy’s energy level and the toll it took on her fragile body:

“From time to time, yes, she did seem fragile but really she was a strong girl. Not just mentally – she had given up the drugs through willpower – but physically. She trained every day and she had a lot of energy. She was the kind of person who was always running around. But that sheer willpower can be dangerous – it puts a strain on the body.”

Traviss on being liked (which is more than I can say about certain other boyfriends of Amy) by her family:

“Her parents, they’re lovely people, and we have the same interests – especially me and Amy’s dad. We’ve always had a lot to talk about.”

On how he and Amy met:

“I’m from Stepney, Amy’s family are from Stepney. We liked the same sort of style. I think she understood me from the first time I met her and I understood her. My mum knew Amy before I did, actually – they met in the gym. One of Amy’s aunts turned out to be a teacher at the school I used to go to. There were just scores of connections between it; it was uncanny and nothing to do with being famous.”

On Amy’s soul glow:

“Amy was petite, and she was feminine, she was a brilliant, brilliant laugh, the complete life and soul of everything all the time. She could see situations coming, work someone out the minute they came in the room. She had great comic timing and when someone’s as witty as she was, I think that indicates they are quite clever.”

Traviss on how he hasn’t really come to terms with losing Amy:

“You might say we were halfway through a conversation in our life together and then, suddenly, she disappeared.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I can be counted as one of those still mourning Amy and her too-soon-lost myriad talents.

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