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Quotables: Nancy Grace Says It Wasn’t Her Nipple

photo of nancy grace nipslip twitter pictures wardrobe malfunction photo

“Evidence re my alleged ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra.”

She later said to Radar Online:

“I am in full nip denial. Breast petals and an industrial strength bra…plus a sewn-in corset. The fabulous DWTS wardrobe crew is extremely proactive and would never let an accident happen!”

Right, Nancy. Jeez, it’s just a nipple. And anyone who’s seen the photos (don’t worry, they’re here if you haven’t seen them already) KNOWS it’s a nipple, too. Don’t get so bent out of shape. It was a nipple. And a nice nipple at that. Way to spice up Dancing With the Stars, girl.

Decide for yourself: nipslip or nipple petals?

Jump below for the up-close shot of Nancy’s nip.

photo of nancy grace nipslip nipples dancing with the stars wardrobe malfunction pics

Oh, here’s two more that are a bit clearer:

photo of nancy grace big nipples dancing with the stars pictures photos pics

photo of nancy grace nipples boobs pictures photos wardrobe malfunction

Convinced yet?

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