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Lily Allen is Pregnant Again?

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Did I miss something? How did I not know this? I mean, I know we’d speculated about it after she tied the knot back in June, but I wasn’t sure that it was an official thing. But hey. According to girlfriend‘s Twitter, she’s expecting, and she’s pretty far along, at least out of her first trimester, anyway:

“My husband just called me his ‘little Fat Controller’ – like off of Thomas the Tank Engine, so not LOL.”

This followed a comment made last week, also via Twitter:

“I can’t cross my legs any more, is that normal?”

Which is so funny, because I said the very same thing last night. Seriously. As I sat on the couch with a plate of pizza rolls, watching the Cowboys struggle to put a beat-down on the Redskins, I casually mentioned to my husband that I was no longer able to cross my legs, either. But that’s not because I’ve had too many pizza rolls (OK, well maybe a little bit), it’s because I’m almost twenty weeks pregnant as well. I’ve got little wiggle room left for these kinds of things, and apparently Lily’s in the same boat. I so hope she births this little baby; she’s been trying for so long, and there’s nothing – nothing – she’s been more serious about over the past few years than finally becoming a mama. Congrats, and good luck, girl!

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