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Watch This: the Film Debut of Stephanie Plum, Starring Katherine Heigl

Photo: Book cover of Janet Evanovich's 'One for the Money'

Last year, I very abruptly decided I should start reading paperback mystery novels. I have no idea how I arrived at that realization, but once I was there, I had zero idea how to begin. Both my best childhood friend and my beloved high school English teacher gave me the same recommendation: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Read the books in order. Start with One for the Money.

So, OK, I was a latecomer (One for the Money was published in 1994). Is the novel a work of great literature? Uh, no—that is, it sure isn’t Raymond Chandler. But a bazillion readers have fallen in love with Stephanie Plum, fledgling bounty hunter for her Cousin Vinnie’s bail bonds outfit. She’s quirky! She’s fun! She has a lot of car trouble.

Now, when I visualize Stephanie Plum, I see hair piled high, early-90s spandex stirrup pants, and leopard print. So when I first heard Katherine Heigl had been tapped to play the part in the One for the Money movie adaptation, I was livid. WHY NOT CAST BITTY SCHRAM? Surely there is a more believable character actress to play this Jersey girl.

How wrong I was. Here’s the One for the Money trailer, and Heigl is terrific:

That’s right! All your favorite characters, living and breathing! Irish actor Jason O’Mara plays rakish hunk Joe Morelli—I think “vaguely tough guy” might be the only American accent he does, so this works for me juuuust fine—while beautiful Daniel Sunjata plays Ranger, a fellow bounty hunter who teaches Stephanie the ropes.

Anytime Sherri Shepherd is in a movie, I can’t help but think of it as “stunt casting” (I’m a jerk! She was great in Precious!). In the trailer she shows a lot of promise as Lula, the smart-mouthed hooker looking to get into a different business. And Stephanie’s most likable relative, Grandma Mazur, is played by Debbie Reynolds. Pitch-perfect.


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  • I have thought many times about who should be cast for the film version of this series and when I saw Katherine Heigl in your post, my heart sank. However, I’m so glad I watched the trailer – so excited! And they nailed the casting of Lula, Ranger and Morelli. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have read every Janet Evanovich book she has ever published. I love her stuff ! I am so surprised to like the trailer because I’m not a big Katherine Heigl fan but now I can’t wait for the movie !

  • i read half of the books before getting monumentally bored of them. i think this looks awesome – but do you reckon they will make 15 of them? is that how many books there are now?

  • I haven’t been to ANY movie theater in over 4 years, for this? I will be FIRST IN LINE! I love love love the Stephanie Plum series (and everything else Janet Evanovich has had her hands in.) I’ll wait and see if Heigl can pull this off, I’m hesitant… and really? That dude from Rescue Me as Ranger? Can’t WAIT to see Sherri Shepherd as Lula. I think I’m more excited about Lula than anything else!

  • OH..I’m excited for this!

    I just starting reading the series and have a few under my belt so this will be interesting.

  • YAY for people that still read!

    Anyway, yep. Love me some Evanovich. But I like mysteries in general.

    I really dislike Heigl, though, and this isn’t the kind of movie I go to see, so there is no chance I’ll see it.

    As I’ve written here before, book adaptations really have to be separated in your melon before you see them. Otherwise, you’re in for a big disappointment.

    Plus, watching this trailer makes me think I won’t like it.

  • I’m a lady Bail bondsman so of course, I got all over Janet’s books and I LOVE them!! I too SQUEALED out loud when I saw the post on my FB yesterday!! I’m still not sure about Heigl in this role, I was picturing Alyssa Milano Or Marrisa Tomei as Stephanie, but I’m still very excited for the movie to come out!!