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Coco Had a Boobslip of Epic Proportions During Fashion Week Event

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You know Coco, right? The wife of Ice T who can’t stop talking about the couple’s sex life, even though they’ve been married for, like, forty years? Yes, the very same. Well, she attended an event at Fashion Week, and when she took the catwalk, her boob took center stage. Seriously. The sucker was ALL OVER THE PLACE. And really, though I cringed when the idea of a huge Coco-boob entered my head, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that the woman’s got very nice boobs. Well, nice boob>. The other one could be a Frankenboob for all I know – I can only go by what I’m shown, friends.

Jump in for the all of the – obviously NSFW – action!

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Oh, and here’s another:

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Don’t say I never do anything for you!

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    • Yeah, but lots of women are hideous. (And I’m talking in your totally superficial appearance based judgement sort of way)

      And as far as I’m concerned.

      Hideous w giant rack > Hideous.

      Btw, it (they) looks better than I expected.

      Coco ftw.

  • Nicole’s a Serb. Tracy (Ice-T) seems to be a good guy, if a little addle-brained (he had a kid with his high-school sweet-heart when they were still in school and didn’t run away until later. That’s something.).

    Good ol’ Nicole’s just doing what she can to get recognition. Of course, her goal was to get into acting, but hey, she’s done alright.

    Naturally, we look at her and are horrified because she looks like a caricature of a human, but she’s doing what she can.

    Unfortunately, Tracy is the one really looking stupid, but I still have a soft spot for the guy. He seems genuinely nice.