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Watch This: Jim Carrey Sings “Creep” at Rock and Roll Karaoke

This video makes me really angry.

Listen, drunk girls of New York City: I know you’re super excited. You’re so excited about everything. But the next time you are at legendary Rock and Roll Karaoke Night at Arlene’s Grocery, and Emmalovin’ Jim Carrey, freaking Jim Carrey, gets up to do a rousing rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep,” please, please refrain from screaming the lyrics—which, congratulations, you almost know!—over the top of the guy with the microphone.

I understand the instinct to scream all the lyrics. I do. But when I went to see Weird Al live in concert three months ago, I sat between two friends who knew all the lyrics and therefore sang all the lyrics. I knew all the lyrics, too! And it was hard for me to not sing along! But instead of hearing Weird Al, all I could hear was D on one side and M on the other side, and it was exactly like sitting in their living room and listening to them sing along with YouTube, as they do. Also, I briefly dated a guy whose excited “Hey! I know all the melodies!” scream-humming (yes, scream-humming, because there weren’t any lyrics) features prominently into every video I ever taped of the band the Advantage. THANKS A LOT, GUY-I-BRIEFLY-DATED.

OK, I watched the video a second time, and sure, maybe Girl-Singing-Along isn’t that loud. But in watching this shaky iPhone footage on YouTube, I am reliving the horror of A) being too short to see anything, and B) having to stand next to someone who also knows all the words.

Otherwise, this video rules. What do you think? Is Jim Carrey’s rendition of “Creep” better than Conan’s?

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