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Watch This: Amy Winehouse On Singing Duet with Tony Bennett

A photo of Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse recording ''Body and Soul'' for 2011's 'Duets II'

The beginning of this video—ugh, I dunno, man. Amy Winehouse is so sardonic, so full of life. And by the end, she’s sincerely giddy about having just sung with Tony Bennett. Both times, bam! I was wrecked.

In the Studio with Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse:

The first time I met ‘Tone’ was—can I call him ‘Tone’? Thanks. First time I met ‘Tone’—should you ask him first? Really. Before, ah, you start…? …Okay. The first time I met Tone I would say was, I took my dad and my stepmother and, uh, my boyfriend to see him at Royal Albert Hall. And we went both times.

When my dad saw that me and Tone would be singing “Body and Soul,” my dad, personally, himself, he was like, “Oh! It’s only my favorite song in the world you’re gonna sing; oh my God!” An’ he goes, “Do you even know it!” And I was like, “Of course I know it… Mitchell. I’m your daughter. Of course I know it.”

And it was really exciting that he chose that song, ’cause I do love it. It’s such a beautifully written song. And it’s a song that you can do a lot with. So I was really excited to sing that. And, um—and the ending just worked out, like, perfect. And our singing together, like, just blended, perfectly, and it just was, like, it couldn’t have been better.

Tony Bennett’s album, Duets II, is the sequel to his 2006 effort, Duets. The album, all jazz standards, pairs Bennett with younger talents like Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson (!), Aretha (!!), Lady Gaga, and my secret favorite, Sheryl Crow, who—I’ve always thought, anyway—really missed the boat on a woulda-shoulda-coulda jazz career. (See also: Carrie Underwood.)

Tony Bennett famously enjoyed a career resurgence in the mid-90s, having successfully connected with a much younger audience.

Duets II drops September 20, timed to coincide with Bennett’s 85th birthday.

Screencap via Idolator.

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