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Here’s Some Photos of Anne Hathaway FIGHTING

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And what a fierce fighting face she makes, eh folks?

Lots of people are all excited about the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, but to me it’s just another remake of another remake of another remake. I like Anne Hathaway – she’s grown on me (much like a fungus) over the past few weeks, but I’m not all that impressed with her Catwoman role. I think it’s going to be much like Halle Berry‘s take on Catwoman: forgettable. Sorry, Anne.

But let’s give the girl an A for effort and an A+++ for those faces, huh?

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  • “The Dark Knight Rises” is part of “The Dark Knight” series of Batman graphic novels. There’s 3, Chris Nolan is making the three movies after the GN’s. It’s the most popular and darkest of the Batman comics and has never even been made into a movie. The villain Bane has never even been in a Batman movie before. Hate to pull out the “Nerd Girl” info here but it’s not “A remake of a remake of a remake…”