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Paris Hilton Dressed Up Like a Ghost and Played the Theremin

A photo of Paris Hilton, dressed up as a ghost, on September 2, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yesterday Paris Hilton tweeted this photo of herself dressed as a ghost. (At least, I hope that’s a ghost costume.)

Anyway. Miss Hilton put on a sheet and played the theremin—which, if the 1950s taught us anything, is the exact sound a ghost would make—at Friday’s Deadmau5 concert in Vegas.

Man. You can put lipstick on a ghost, but underneath, it’s still just Paris Hilton.

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  • thats pretty funny, i always thought her interpretation of a ghost would be like skank wear. as in like a slutty cop outfit only its all in white. this to be is funny because its something in a million years i thought she would do.

  • i fucking hate you james i hope you read this!

    you made a mistake and im coming for you

    paris hilton 4life