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Kate Hudson Looks Just As She Should Post-Baby

photo of kate hudson baby body post pictures photos pics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing more refreshing than seeing an ultra-celeb who looks completely normal after nine months of pregnancy, forty hours of grueling labor, and six weeks. This is Kate Hudson, and *I don’t care how many rock bands she ruins; she’s a good example of being a normal human being in a world where normal is looked at like it’s the plague.

*This is all partially because I’m sitting here eating Ben & Jerry’s as we speak (Fair Goodness Cake!), and what you see here is what I’m aiming for sometime around mid-March. Woo!

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  • I dunno…I would’ve opted for a one-piece, but if I just absolutely had to wear a bikini post-baby or DIE, I would’ve worn one that didn’t look like I fell into the water in my bra and panties.

  • That IS just a bra and panties, isn’t it? I guess if you’re rich or a “star” you can walk around in your underwear. Whatever.

  • kate i just love you because you did not let your work go to your head thats what makes you that person. some day hope to meat you or work with you ,, sincerely your PAL