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Introducing Sean Penn’s Actual Girlfriend

A photo of Sean Penn with his ACTUAL girlfriend, Shannon Costello

Do you know what I just mistyped? “Sean Peen.” And then I couldn’t let it go without telling you, because it is the best of all my Freudian finger-slips this week.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Sean Peen, taking a stroll with his new lady, courtesy of People. Meh. We’ll know this relationship is serious once they’re photographed jogging together. (What? Oh.)

Why is this news, you ask? At first, I totally thought Sean Penn was already dating somebody new. Not so!

In fact, Sean Penn’s girlfriend has been misidentified as one Stacey Koplin for the last two months—her identity is now, at last, confirmed as 26-year-old Shannon Costello instead. (All together now: WHOOPS.) As People tells it, the pair met in 2009; young Miss Costello began working for Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization last year.

Twenty-six! Twenty-six! Excuse me while I go crawl into my early grave.

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